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OK,OK,OK!  I thought we had written before now.  We have had a blast!!!  Iit has been fast-paced and exhausting.  I know I wasn't the best in keeping up the blog, by the time we got back to the room after a day's activities, we were beat.  Our day, when we had tours, usually started at 6AM.  It took Lillie FOREVER to get ready, so I usually got up after she had finished her constitutional.  Even then, I still was ready before her.  Then we would invariably have to gulp down breakfast in order to make it to the busses on time.

The tours were, for the most part, good.  We had a terrible one in Tallin, Estonia.  The tour guide was so bad that the entire bus bailed on her as soon as we could. Only the infirm stayed as they had no choice (we had two in wheelchairs plus their attendants and family).  Many asked for refunds back at the ship.  Lillie stayed on the bus too, as she was exhausted (one of the infirm!).  I walked around for a bit, then made it back by myself.  Everything was in walking distance.

The ship was a blast!  I played a lot of BINGO, Mom.  Lost a lot of money, too.  but the jackpot increased a bit everytime, and by the last day was $3000.00.  I wanted to win to cover my expenses(ah hem), but the pot was shared by a couple from the US and a thug.  I say that because every game a group of teenagers gathered in the back and made fools of themselves, disrupting the game and pretending to have Bingo.  Everyone wanted to kill them.  Then when one of the won, everyone started calling for his parent. You had to be 18, or have the adult who purchased the card with you.  We're not sure what happened, but they gave it to him.  Everyone was so angry (yes, not just me)!

The food and service was first rate!  Deb and Lori, you guys are going to love it!  The ship we'll be going on is one of the best.  Only drawback is its larger than the one we were on, and that took a bit of walking to get around.

Well, I'm going to take a long hot bath now.  Our room has a deep tub, I'm going to take advantage.

See everyone Tuesday, except for you Lori.

Hugs and kisses,......Liz and Lillie


lschmidt says:
Sounds awesome! Call me after you get back and have had a chance to REST!

Mucho Luv-o,

Posted on: Aug 27, 2007
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