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The first churh i visited while travelling, it took 6 months until i succumb!

Big, large, gigantic, huge, massive, monstrous these are just a few adjectives that popped into my brain as we cruised 2500 feet above Mexico City. It is by far the largest city I have ever seen with some 25+ million people, a far greater population than the whole of Australia!!!! That scares me! With the initial shock and overwhelming feelings of dread, ¨what kind of trouble are we going to get ourselves into here...¨, I started to get pretty excited, we are in FREAKIN MExxxIIIICO land of somberos, Tequilla, Corona, dirty tacos, lost mayan cultures, catuses, chilli and SUN SUN SUN, not to mention the DIRTY SANCHEZ!!!

Now with my recent airport dramas and my affection for such places we again found ourselves in a few spots of bother! First they sent us to the wrong carousel, then we literally had to walk the equilavent of 5 city blocks within the airport to find an internet place to find a hostel! Once we had the address we proceeded to the taxi rank only to get ripped of by the taxi company and not even taken to the right hostel because apparently the military closes off the entire centro district at night.

Some massive governtment building, think presidential house...
... So we found ourselves spending the night in this dodgy hotel which apparently had a room with four beds but it turned out to be two doubles! So our first night in Mexico was rather memorable, we all had to slept with each other and yes I woke up to corey trying to spoon me!!! We didnt let this deter us from our promise to have tacos and coronas for dinner which we found easily a block from the hotel and it was a good way to start our adventures in Mexico!

So the following day saw us transfer to our original hostel, the new place was so more chilled out with bean bags, cushy seats everywhere, plenty of Tequilla and Corona and some really cool sites in walking distance! We headed out on a bit of a street mission looking for street meat, random eateries and stumbled upon this MASSIVE plaza with the biggest Mexican Flag Ive ever seen! There were plenty of street acts including traditional mayan dancing, fire twirling, people blowing bubbles and this clensing ceremony performed by an indigenous mayan! This was really cool you stand in a circle while this dude blows special smoke (basically different herbs and spices that are being burnt) over you body hits you a few times with bunches of basil or palm leaf, says some clensing words and your done! All in all you come out feeling refreshed.

Mexico colours!!
The entire plaza is surrounded by government buildings, art galleries and this HUGE catheral! Now when travelling with an arty farty fien like duggers you gotta go check the sites so it was off to the Catheral!

Like all things in Mexico it was of mammoth proportions, the ceiling was so high and it had the biggest organ I have ever seen in my life! Here people are really deeply moved by their beliefs and every catheral, church or ministry you enter there will always be people weeping, crying, throwing their hands in the air, crossing themselves, talking to statues of Mary, Jesus or some pope that has past on. So it becomes a really interactive place to visit and for those people who think Adelaide is the City of Churches wait to you visit Mexico City they are like a Maccas food chain in Buenas Aires you can find one on every street corner,  a church that is!!! After the Catheral we rocked at the Frida art exhibition before heading back to the hostel for food and Coronas!

Now a tip for all you avid adventurers at this time of year in Mexico (rainy season) it is best to head back home before 6.

The church is huge!!
30 if you dont like rain because here it is stinky hot all day then every night around 6.30-7pm the place turns into something similar to a free-for-all watersports carnage event... The heavens unleash so much water, the streets turn into muddy rivers within seconds and the sewage/drainage systems cannot cope and begin to overflow in all weird places. And like back home the mexicans love to drench unsuspecting gringoes walking along the streets with their cars.  So getting home can be quite adventous, dodging evil mexican motorists while trying to remain upright in the wrong wet weather footwear and not end up swimming down the street in the gutter! Wearing flip flops on the streets of Mexico city while it is raining is like ice skating and think of the scene from Jumanji when all that water comes rushing down the stairs.
My hairdressers rocking out in the massive square!
.. this is a similar scene when trying to enter the subway/metro, ppl falling over, kids swimming in the gutters it is hilarious but potentially dangerous especially when the sewage starts overflowing the rankest smell EVER!! But hey this must be MexxIIIIIco, so tomorrow it is off to museums, proper art galleries, some markets and the zoo and guess what this will be our first museum since leaving OZ, do we have to succumb...... hopefully will get home before the rain haha peace out amigoes!!!


lizforliving says:
No your not seeing things.. you both hav big heads =D hehe, I love you xxx
Posted on: Aug 17, 2007
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The first churh i visited while tr…
The first churh i visited while t…
Some massive governtment building,…
Some massive governtment building…
Mexico colours!!
Mexico colours!!
The church is huge!!
The church is huge!!
My hairdressers rocking out in the…
My hairdressers rocking out in th…
Some fake mayan ruins
Some fake mayan ruins