How to make buddha?!

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How to make Buddha?!

For the pic attached,  perhaps u would think that wow, they must be heavy according to their size!

Indeed, they are so light which surprised me a lot when I knew it, just weigh a few kilos.

The precedures to make them, to me, very interesting and intelligent.

1. -To mold one model by baked clay with different gestures, according to different  type of buddhas, it is not difficult if the craftsman is highly skilled. Then wait until it dried. If some cracks occur, they would use baked clay to fill the crack, until it is a good shape!!

2.-After the model is ok, craftsman begin to enlace it with sick. It is a tough thing, and takes a lot of time and requires patience.

3. -After the previous job is done, craftsman begin to paint coating. It would be very careful, and very delicate, as buddha here in China is as holy as Jesus in Europe or USA, people should devote themselves to their work. It is a kind of belief. When the coating dries, paint again, the process likes this, repeating it is finished. The normal color is yellow, like gold, as it is considered the most luckiest color for the holy Buddha.

4.-When the painting is finished, craftsman begin to dig a small hole at the bottom of the model, then, they dig the baked clay out little by little, until only a little left. Then most of the job is finished. Craftsman begin to cover the hole with silk, That is ok.

5.-After the previous job is over, it is the job to paint their eyes, and other facial feature to make them holy or affable, basing on the initial requirements.

Ok, That is the procedure!! Interesting or not? Give me ur comments, if possible, Thanks!


Note: I took the pic although it is forbidden, but my intention is just to show the knowledge to friends, with the pic, it could be explained more clearly. Perdon! I hope people can understand me and could protect the ancient heritage well, Gracias!!

portia says:
hi, in step 2, I think there is a misspelling, I don't understand what was said here, can you explain some more, maybe even in Chinese? The description of the whole procedure is very interesting!
Posted on: Sep 13, 2007
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How to make Buddha?!
How to make Buddha?!
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photo by: Holeydel