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I know that my last update was June 21 and it is now July 3! Sorry for
the wait, but now you're going to get this really long update! This
will be the last update because we leave here tomorrow morning, July
4, at 7.20 am to come home! So, I believe my last e-mail left off with
my trip to an American-like shopping mall...

Friday, June 23, a group of us went to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery.
For the most part, we all stayed in the two large cemetaries (Tikhvin & Lazarev)
 which are a part of the complex. As some of you know, I have this facination
with old graveyards, and the graveyards here met my expectations! The
Tikhvin Cemetary, or Artist's Cemetary, is more like an elaborate park
with a few graves scatered around. There are many famous Russian's
buried here, including Dostoevsky, the musical composer Tchaikovsky
(Swan Lake) and Mussorgsky. The other cemetary, the Lazarev Cemetary,
holds a few famous people, but was mostly an aristocratic graveyard
during the 18th century. All the graves were squished together and
practically right on top of each other. There is another graveyard
behind the actual monastery which I had intended on going back to see,
but due to group excursions, etc. I never made it back.

Saturday, June 24, our group travelled 120 km to Staraya Ladoga, a
1200 year old fortress town. When we arrived we first toured the
fortress and took some amazing pictures. We then travelled to the
Barrows, which were ancient pagan ritual sights and burial mounds.
Here we had a picnic and just hung out for an hour or so. We then
travelled back home. Before we left Staraya Ladoga, I had to pee,
and didn't realize I was standing on a hill, so I proceeded to roll down
it and pee on my jeans, but I didn't tell anyone to save me the

Tuesday, June 27, was our last day of classes. It should please all of
you to know that I made a 5 in both of my classes. (In Russia, the
grading scale is 1 - 5 with 5 being the highest grade). Then Wednesday
we just kind of bummed around all day because most of the group was
heading to Moscow that evening. We did, however, make a 2 hour trip to
the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory which is the oldest porcelain factory
in Europe. I bought lots of tea cups and saucers because I LOVE TEA!!!
:) Then the group left for Moscow and I, along with 5 other people,
just bummed around St. Petersburg until the group came back Sunday,
July 2. I did make it to the very large souvenir market and got some
nice souvenirs, including a very pretty matryoshka doll. Jessica, Sarah,
and I also made a trip to the U.S. Consulate for a party... that was interesting.

Yesterday, July 2, my friend Ellen and I said our final farewell to
St. Petersburg with a bridge tour. We followed the Griboyedov Canal to
the Moika River and then followed that back into downtown. We saw all
the amazing bridges along the way. The most famous ones we saw were
the Bank Bridge, Lion Bridge, Accension Bridge and the Blue Bridge,
which is the widest bridge of its kind in the world. Then last night our group
went on a midnight boat ride along the Neva and got to see all the
drawbridges going up, it was pretty amazing.

So, this is the end of my last St. Petersburg update. I hope you all
enjoyed reading about my time here, I know I enjoyed sharing it with
you all! I hope you all have a great rest of the summer, if I don't
see you for a while! Most of you I will see shortly after my return to
America. So, until I see you... Dasvidanya!
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