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Thamel KTM Nepal

Well one thing I can recommend is that you do not purchase the pink recycled toilet paper (a) it tears to easily (b) it is like sandpaper on your butt (c) it needed a little more recycling.  The one benefit that attracted me to it, the price of course.  One roll for 15 rupees or 30 cents AUD, now that is good shopping.


You can buy anything you want for your stay in KTM or for the continuation of your journey.  There are supermarkets, like 7/11's or Niteowls back home.  Your toiletries cost about the same as back home but things like food and clothes and other things are much cheaper. 


You can buy any type of food from a variety of restaurants including Italian, a lot of Indian, Nepalese, Tibetan, Mexican, steaks which are from water buffalo not cows because of the Buddhist thing.

  You can get salads, pancakes, crepes, there are bakeries here also, and after 7pm they are half price.  You can guess where I am at 7pm each night. 


An expensive meal has been costing us about $5 - $10AUD including food and drink.  We have been eating mostly Indian food, like naan bread, dhal, kormas, lentil soup, tomato/French/ chicken and mushroom soups.  For Breakfast today I had two mugs of hot chocolate and a banana and honey crepe from this Japanese place. 


My stomach was a little upset when we first arrived due to the change in food, but has since settled down, and now I do not need to be within 30 seconds of a toilet block.  We are also going back to the better quality loo paper.   Because of the pollution here in KTM you can't help but cough and splutter a bit with phlegm etc. 


People are very friendly in Nepal and go out of their way to make you happy or to accommodate you.  We have found a pretty good local restaurant that has great Indian/Chinese/Nepalese food and is very cheap.  Most of the soft drink is sold in recycled 230ml or 300ml glass bottles for 20 or 30 rupees.  We just double the price to find the AUD price.  Water should only be consumed from bottles which costs around 20 rupees for 1 litre. 


In Thamel, our tourist suburb, the streets are quite narrow.  You have all manner of cars, motor cycles, rickshaws, people and other contraptions ducking and weaving and beeping their horns jockeying for a position.  But the quickest way is to walk for the best part. 

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Thamel KTM Nepal
Thamel KTM Nepal
photo by: sharonburgher