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Stopped to allow one of the passengers to give birth China

We walked into the Mosque to discover it was in fact a bus station in the shape of a Mosque.  Here a Muslim wearing a baseball cap with the Australian kangaroo befriended us and helped us for free no strings, we think.  Well at least we didn't directly give him any money.  But he did help us out too.


We jagged a bus leaving in an hour so. We found some hot water, bought some packet noodles and scoffed them down.  We walked out into the parking lot and jumped on one of the buses, again a sleeper, this time entirely occupied by women whose only body part I could see were their eyes, and men who all looked like one of the 10 most wanted.  Here I was in shorts and a t-shirt that was not very culturally sensitive.  I got some looks. 


A recent dust storm and road works made the going tuff to start with on the way out to Kashgar.

Entering Kasghar China
  At times I could not even see the road in front of us but the driver ploughed on, as the sun set around
10.30pm.   Both the bus drivers were great, but when they slept, we thought to ourselves they must have had a hard life.  I have never seen two people so active in their sleep.  Driver No. 1. snored like a tree cutter, and moaned constantly in his sleep.  Driver No. 2. had really bad nightmares and was perhaps re-enacting his role in one of the Lord of The Rings movies. 

We arrived at Kashgar 29 -30 hours later, in the early hours of the morning, just a few hours prior to the Sunday bazaar.  We had made it.  We worked out that we had travelled around 4700klms over 98 hours of actual travel out of the 108 hours we had to arrive at Kashgar.  It was some crazy journey, but it all worked out.


It was time for our first hotel in 5 days and a proper bed for the night.........



hajare says:
hey,I'm planning to go to China via Kyrzygstan too.theres not much information on what means of transport there is.i read your entry,and does this means that there's a Bus coming from Bishkek to Kashi?how much does it cost?and can i early?sorry for the i dont know who else to ask.hahaha.thanks.hope to hear from you soon
Posted on: Apr 24, 2008
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Stopped to allow one of the passen…
Stopped to allow one of the passe…
Entering Kasghar China
Entering Kasghar China
photo by: Biedjee