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Afghan border with Uzbekistan


We got off the train in the dreadful heat some 13 hours after the experience began.  Once again every official we passed in the next 200 meters wanted to check our passports, registrations, visas, “where are you from?  What are you doing here?”

We hired a taxi driver who picked up some girl in the street who could speak English to translate what we needed.  So we got a tour of the town.  The driver showed us the bank, the police station and two hotels.  We eventually got driven to a mosque that just happened to be right on the border with Afghanistan.  So we went there and got our photos taken with Afghanistan in the background and then checked out the mosque.

One day was enough for us in Termiz, so the next day we decide to go back to civilization in Tashkent.  We hired a taxi as we believed that we had used up a large slice of our allotted luck already on the train trip just gone.  So we drove for 8 or 9 hours about 800 klms back to the capital. 

This gave us a chance to get some domestic chores completed prior to leaving the next evening for Russia.  We managed to get “Sveta” the cleaning lady for the hotel to wash all our clothes and also to undertake some running repairs on the crotch of  my shorts which had given way two weeks previous.  Sveta was a little angel, but looked like your typical Russian style grandmother complete with the big bouffy red hair, and only two words of English. 

We collected a couple of souvenirs with the money we had left over rather than go to a bank to be told “sorry we have no money.

”  I have never come across a place that has so many banks that don’t have money. 

At 9 pm we caught a taxi to the airport, in readiness for our 4 am departure to St. Petersburg via Moscow.  At the airport Paul managed to talk the girls in the VIP lounge into letting us to watch the Euro Cup 2004 match live on the big screen. Fortunately no one else was using the facility so they let us in.  It helped pass the time away and Holland ended up beating Sweden in penalties.

One weird habit they seem to have at the airport is that outside the doors to the departures, everyone gets their bags completed wrapped up in either tape, brown paper bag or shrink wrap so that you have this big plastic ball as luggage.   It looks strange seeing all the brown paper bags coming out of the luggage collection area.  Also the planes have their own parking lot.  So you board a bus and get driven around the airport tarmac until you find your plane.  We happened to drive past all the good looking capable planes and got dropped off at the end of the tarmac and boarded what can only be described as an ordinary looking aircraft, whose interior resembled a night club after closing time.

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Afghan border with Uzbekistan
Afghan border with Uzbekistan
photo by: adventuremann