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A show at Aggie Grey's Hotel in Apia

Small airport called Faleolo, early in the morning and already very humid! Staying with my partner's relatives  in apia. Lovely people. Toilet and shower (only cold water which is ok because it's too hot anyway) outside the house. They bought toilet paper especially for me; they use anything else. I've seen some newspapers lying around. The "kitchen" too. You cook because you have to eat but it's not a cosy "kitchen" where you wanna try out some 'haute cuisine'. People are pretty poor, don't have much. If they're lucky they will have an old fridge and crappy tv with bad reception. Still........... everybody seems happy enough.

Samoans have gone overboard with churches; there are so many...........too many! And they all want only 1 thing and that's money! At home people have just enough to eat but the rest of the money goes to the church.

the local bus service
Even the "rich" relatives in Australia and New Zealand are being called upon regularly to send over some money because there is yet another church being built. They have really lost the plot there! I guess they think it pleases God that they are building so many great and beautiful churches and that they will be in his 'good books' and will be rewarded one day. Well it doesn't seem to work as their homes are sad little slumps compared to the big churches. Sure, people seem to laugh a lot but really what else can you do? You would cry if you looked at the men, most (but not all) of them drown their sorrow with alcohol every day; alcoholism seems to be a way of life there.

The houses are usually open. I have not seen many where you can lock a door. That's why there is always someone at home to look after the house otherwise.......................yes, you guessed it! the place would be robbed; the crappy TV would be taken away too. So it's not really paradise on earth there either!

The public transport is amazing. Busses run pretty regularly. You hop on and when you are at your destination, you pay the driver and believe me; he remembers exactly where you got on the bus!  When the bus is full, you're out of luck, they won't stop and you'll be standing there hoping that the next bus isn't full!

Savaii is a lovely island with many flowers. i think it's more beautiful than Upolu. Manase is a good place to stay; Tanu beach fales are great but next door to them there's a smaller place and the owners: Jacinta and her husband are the loveliest people you will meet there. The food is fantastic, just be very carefull with the water; DON'T DRINK IT! After brushing my teeth and rinsing my mouth, i accidently swallowed a mouthfull. The misery was instant! No chemist there so my partner had to take the boat back to the main island to get some diarrhea tablets! So remember; drink bottled water only!

there is a little bit more to do on Upolu. Apia has a nice market, great coffeeshops and some hotels where they have special show nights. We went to see one and it was just lovely. The internet cafe is handy too, i didn't find one on Savaii.another beautiful beach on Upolu is lalomanu at the south-east corner!


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A show at Aggie Greys Hotel in Ap…
A show at Aggie Grey's Hotel in A…
the local bus service
the local bus service
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