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Jonesí and her father picked me up at 9 pm to go to the bar Baalbek where Jonesí's father was playing with his band Goviota. Jonesí's brother Carlos is also in the band. The bar is up on a mountain over looking the central valley. The sky was clear and the view was magnificent. Even better was the band. I wasn't expecting them to be so good but they are professionals. I had warned Jonesí that I was not a good dancer, but she convinced me to dance -- which wasn't too hard because the music was infectious. It turns out that Jonesí is not only a good spanish teacher but also a good dance instructor. I didn't quite get the hang of dancing Salsa but I wasn't terrible at Merengue which is a little easier. A couple years ago I took a latin dance class but it had only made me think I could never be a good dancer. Part of the problem, I think, was that the teacher was not very good -- she would get annoyed because we weren't getting it right away. But now I also think that learning with a group of beginners who can't dance well isn't the best way to learn. Maybe it's like learning a languange -- classes and 'book learning' can only take you so far, but it is best to be immersed in it. Anyway, I had a great time at Baalbek. We left the bar a little after 1 am and they dropped me of at the hotel around 2.
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