Friday, arriving at the cottage.

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Jägermeister before making up the fire.

The day after celebrating Norway`s liberation day (17 th of May) a friend of mine, Ingvild and I drove to Valsøyfjorden, we planned to have the weekend in her holliday cottage in the mountain nearby the place she grow up.

From Trondheim to Valsøyfjorden it is about 120 km, nearly 2 houers and 30 minutes by car.   We have to walk about 20 minutes after parking the car.  Usually in spring and summertime we can use a rowing boat, but the boat was not on the wather so early this spring.  Ingvild is a great rower, she sometimes compet in an old rowingboat , Halsabrura, together with other rowers.  I just have to add that she and the cruw won a rowing competition in York some years ago.  I think she`ll like me to mention this.

By the way, the boat was not in wather, so we had to walk the last distance with our backpacker.  And I have to mention that Ingvild had a 100 litre backpacker, and I had a 25 litre!  Why?  I always pack light and Ingvild always carry the heavy stuff, and she NEVER complain.  Did I tell you that she is one of my best friends?

Arriving the cottage we had to make up fire, and we had a nice evening in a warm cottage, me cocking while she carried wather.  Ok it seems as Ingvild has the hardest task, but I know that she will do almost everything to awoide cocking.  After a few glasses of our favorite red wine we were tiered and went to bed.

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Jägermeister before making up the…
Jägermeister before making up th…
Chees and red wine the first eveni…
Chees and red wine the first even…
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