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The sign my niece had to get a picture of
My niece had this big yen to go to Albuequerque. She liked the name of it. She despartely tried to get a picture of the sign as we were driving as we were driving on the free way. She seen a sign coming up and yelled sign and scared the shit out of my mom who was sleeping. Then Nana and I burst into giggles for at least 10 minutes at my mom glared at us.

We hit some traffic and seen a car accident on the way. We drove and drove and drove. Well I drove as everyone in the car slept. The big fun for me was when they made us merge into one lane and you had to drive over the bumps on the road meant to wake up sleepy drivers or alert drunks that they are driving off the road, and it woke everyone up each time I did it.

We reach Albuquerque and I pull off at a random street and actually find myself an old town.
The car accident on the way. Poor little bug
We remarkably find some free parking and set off to get a picture of the niece in front of the sign of her favorite town's name. We spend some time walking around the old town, checking out the church and of course souveniers!

I bought my dad this incense burner to match one I had bought him years ago on my first trip out this way. Its pinon incense (smells like sawdust) inside a tiny adobe oven. The last one I bought was a teepee. Guess who can't find the teepee.Its quite hilarious now. I bought my bro a shot glass that says its tipsy. The glass itself is actually slanted so it is tipsy. So funny!! We spent about a half hour in Al and then got back in the car and started moving again. I made mom drive cause i was tired.

We were on a breakneck drive that day (from Arizona to Colorado) because we had already booked our motel for the night and there was no place to stop in between. We drove and drove and made it to Trinidad that night. We stopped and got some food at a Wendy's. We had arrived in the state of our destination!! yay!!
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The sign my niece had to get a pic…
The sign my niece had to get a pi…
The car accident on the way. Poor …
The car accident on the way. Poor…
Yay we found it!
Yay we found it!
A sunset delight!
A sunset delight!
photo by: vances