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The first Red Bull Cliff Diving Competition in Mostar was held on August 15 2015. Diving from The Old Bridge has a long tradition in Mostar and means a lot for the natives. Mostar- the Bosnian hero city, the UNESCO site, its Old Bridge and the Old Town core have raised from destruction and its brave divers continue with competitions.

Coming close to the Old Town, I saw rivers of people going towards the Old Bridge before 3p.m. when the competition began. I felt very excited to be present at something I loved so much. The area for spectators under the bridge was already so crowded that was hard to take a position for watching the show. God bless the wind from Neretva! It refreshed me all the time in such a crowd where was hard to stand and watch it several hours under the burning sun. It was necessary to have a hat for sunprotection, but I  had forgotten it.There were several stands where to buy a drink and a fountain with drinking water. Around me there were many foreing tourists, speaking different languages: Asiatics, American English, some Europeans.

The Red Bull Divers- participants were presented to the audience from the top of the bridge. The legendary Orlando Duque, a Columbian, was waving with the Bosnian flag, showing his sympthaties to his hosts and great friends.

He's travelled the world as cliff diving ambassador most parts of his life. He's won everything there's to win.  David Colturi from USA wore the shirt of the famous local Football Club Velez. The show started with a dive of a local diver from the improvised platform on the top of the bridge with 26 m above the river surface.

Two days before the competiton they arrived and met with the local divers at the bridge and were very warmly welcomed by the natives.  I heard on radio that they were in the city and went there to meet Orlando just the moment before he left. He was accompanied with a younger diver not wellknown to the public at that moment. It was a Mexican rising star Jonathan Paredes, who had his birthday the next day. Jonathan came to be a winner of the competiton in Mostar. They were both very kind and friendly. 

Duque is an extraordinary diver and a great person. After almost ten years as an Olympic diver, he was tired of being all the time in the pool. In 1995 a jumping from cliffs become a far greater challenge for him.

He is a nine-time world champion in jumping off a cliff and  has two Guinness world records.  His qualities are the high mental strength and a hard work. We all wished to see him as a winner that day in Mostar, and everybody was sad that he didn't get among three the best. David Colturi was the second, and the third place won another Mexican Sergio Guzman, a wildcard.  With a great dive he was the biggest surprise for his fellow divers and the spectators.

In the pause between the first and the second series of dives, a group from the Czech Republic was enetertaining the public with their show on the river . The special dive was performed on the end of the competition by Michal Navratil, who was carring the flag of FC Velez as Superman.

 The second event of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Cup in Bosnia exceeded the already high expectations. Over 20,000 spectators enjoyed in over two hours of spectacular jumps, performed by the world's best divers.

By the start of the competition at 1p.m. , spectators filled the beach under the bridge, and all access bridge were clogged. On  September 24 2016 the show got a new look: eleven girls took part in competition from a twenty meters high diving board ( seven meters lower then for men) and were also crowned with three first places. Before the competition, the young musicians performed on the Old Bridge perhaps the greatest hymn of Mostar, the song Emina, which earned a big applause.

Between the two rounds of jumping, the audience was delighted by a revue performance of another kind of jumpers.

Duque: I am a Bosnian! David Colturi in a dress of the FC Velež
  Parachutists from the Red Bull Skydive Team were, after a short circling high in the air, stormed down and passed under the arch of the old bridge and landed in the Neretva River, which caused a great ovation.

Czech diver Michal Navratil was the winner of the second Red Bull Cliff Diving World Cup held in Mostar, the seventh stop of  Championships in 2016. He repeated the sensation of the previous competition in Wales, when shortly after knee surgery achieved its first victory in the championship.

Old Bridge has remained impregnable fortress for Gary Hunt( GB). The current champion and the most successful diver of the World Cup this time failed to reach the victory in Mostar and had to settle for the second place. Like last year, the third place in Mostar went to David Colturi (USA).

The honor to become the winner of the first competition of women on the Old Bridge belongs to Lysanne Richard  from Canada. After the first round of jumps she was only the fifth, but in a fantastic leap on Sunday she managed to break out on the leading position.

  The second place won Cesilie Carlton  from USA, and was currently leading in the championship.  Australian Rhiannan Iffland was the third. Congratulations to all of them and big thanks for a wonderful show.

starship1 says:
Fabulous blog entry! I don't know where these divers get their courage!?! This would be so exciting to watch!! I may have to add this event to my bucket list!
Posted on: Mar 25, 2018
EmEm says:
Yes, it is dangerous. So far no accidents on the Red Bull competition, maybe because their divers are professionals. The next will be on September 16 2017. On the traditional annual event in the of July sometimes candidates give up before the dive.
Posted on: Apr 05, 2017
ilserita says:
Is this an annual event? Wow! 26 meter! :O
It must be quite dangerous if something goes wrong. No accidents during the competitions so far?
Posted on: Apr 05, 2017
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Duque: I am a Bosnian!  David Colt…
Duque: I am a Bosnian! David Col…
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a Mostarian diver opens the compe…
Paredes ready to dive
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Duque coming out
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Duque giving an interview after t…
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Second time in Mostar, September …
Cesilie Carlton, USA
Cesilie Carlton, USA
Helena Merten, AUS
Helena Merten, AUS
Ginger Huber, USA
Ginger Huber, USA
Rhiannan Iffland, AUS, wildcard
Rhiannan Iffland, AUS, wildcard
Lysanne Richard, CAN
Lysanne Richard, CAN
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Wildcard Todor Spasov
Winners: MEN 1st- Michal Navratil(…
Winners: MEN 1st- Michal Navratil…
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