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Leaving Don in Blacksburg.
    Got to sleep in again.  I was dying for a shower in the morning so I took one!  Then I discovered that my dad was out again.  He was buying stuff for Don, like a soap dish.  It's really exciting, I know.  Change your pants if you need to.  While I waited I watched The Holiday.  I've seen it about 2 or 3 times on a plane and once before that.  But it's such a good movie!  I miss London.  After that it was time to pick up Don from class and get some lunch.  We picked him up by the drill field, outside of Burruss Hall.  I think that's how you spell it.  We parked at a bank and walked around for a tiny bit.  It was 100 out.  I thought I escaped that weather and left it in Phoenix and Vegas.  There was another bookstore that we walked around in.  I bought a t-shirt and a VT magnet for my car.  I am wearing the t-shirt right now as I type!  Dad bought a magnet and a flag for the house down the shore.  Then we ate at Bourdreaux's, not too far away.  I had a turkey and swiss sandwich, Don had turkey and provolone, and I think dad had something like swordfish.  Then it was time to drop Don off at his place, get the last of our luggage, and hit the road.  It was about 5pm when we got on the highway, which meant we had a long night ahead of us. It rained in Virginia and then in Pennsylvania a bit too.  I fell asleep shortly after we hit the road again.  Then I woke up as we were approaching a Waffle House!  Dad and I both got chocolate chip waffles, which were great and filling.  Later when we switched driving again we stopped at a Dunkin Donuts.  Dad got a coffee, but I stayed in the car and alphabetized my cds.  I know I should soak up as much Dunkin Donuts as I can, but I just wasn't in the mood at all!  And it was 11:30pm and I didn't want to be up all night.  We arrived home at around 1 and Casey went crazy.  Good trip to Virginia Tech!
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Leaving Don in Blacksburg.
Leaving Don in Blacksburg.
photo by: Andy99