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Finally we arrived in Los Angeles, California. After 28 hours of traveling we are in our airbnb apartment now. We took the flight from basel at 7' o clock in the morning to move to london, there we stayed about ten hours because the flight was delayed for three hours. (We also had to change the gate) When we got into the plane we had very luck, because they didn't notice that our handbags were a lot heavier and bigger than permitted. In the plane we became hungry and the stewardesses served food to almost all others - except us. We looked at them and after a while we asked the stewardesses why we didn't get any food and drink. They replied you have had to pre-order your meal on the internet. So we only could use the snack bar. In front of our seat was a touchscreen monitor for each passenger. It was multi usable like for listening music, ordering snacks, playing games or watching movies as well. In fact, it took over an hour till we finally could use the snackbar, because while serving meal for the others, the snackbar was closed. Severin also got problems with his touchscreen, often it didn't work. In the beginning he couldn't even order his own food. We were tired because we didn't sleep last night and we were also exhausted of waiting and doing nothing. So we became angry that the serving was bad and the technical functional didn't work as usual. We told the stewardesses Severins problem with the touchscreen, but they didn't even really notice that... In the end we reached our goals to get drink and food. So we calmed down and tried to sleep. (Yes we tried...) just sometimes while reading or watching movie. After the 12-hours-flight we arrived the los angeles airport. We got through the visa control and took our baggage. Outside we made a deal with a Uber user. He drove us to our airbnb apartment for 120$ instead of almost 170$ (nearly 30 minutes drive time), as gift we gave him 2 plates of high quality swiss chocolate. (So he also made a good deal...) The uber driver drove crazy as fuck. He just slowed down on a well-passed road and acrossed a barrier line. He stopped over a middle section and kept going when no car was in reachable distance. But in fact the others cars behind us had to stop till our driver got enough speed. It was really like GTA in real life. Special situation for the first moment in los angeles. *laugh* After all we finally met Matt, he was the leaser of the airbnb and gave us the key for the apartment. He and his girlfriend heidi slept in the other section of the apartment. They are both artist, after the 30rd and very friendly. With Matt we smoked marihuana on the balcony, again a special moment for the first time in Los Angeles. But we really enjoyed it a lot. (no wonder) Now we are tired, exhausted and also stoned. *stoned laugh* And its 1.31am - time to go to bed. At 8 o'clock our alarm will already ring. Good night folks and cya later!

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