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So we leave Hersey and I have my GPS set to "HOME" and we head off... again.  We get onto I-81... well, what's the main theme of this trip... pesimism.  it happened again... why are we going this way my aunt asks... we're going to get stuck in Harrisburg traffic... I told her to just trust it and everything will be fine... we'll get home and everything will be alright.  Well, right before harrisburg we saw a sign that said "To I-76"... my aunt said why isn't the GPS telling us that way... I told her it's th emost direct and that the way the sign says to go we'll have to get on another road and go south where as we're heading east so it would really take longer because we're running parrallel with I-76 and will meet up with it in a bit.  She starts saying what do I do what do I do?  And I told her if she wants to go the other way to go.  The she complained that she was in the wrong lane to get over and the GPS was taking us the wrong way... I ignored it and nodded off to sleep. 

We get onto I-76 at Carlisle and get to the point where I-76 and I-70 meet where there's a huge rest stop.  We decide that that's the best place to go eat so we stop!  At this point I'm starving because I haven't eaten since 2 blogs ago at the "Good Day Deli" in Philladelphia in the morning... it was about 8 or 8:30ish at this point.  We go in and we have some choices but feel the Gateway Restaurant would be the best choice for us because it would be quick and there's lots of selection.  There was also a buffet which was awesome because I was feeling shakey at this point and needed some nourishment that is not chocolate candy and ice cream!  We go in and Aunt Nancy get's the salad bar and I get the salad bar and hot food bar...I'm craving some meat!  Not just lettus that's only iceberg! 

But it was exactly what I wanted and we had a good conversation over dinner.  Talking about the trip and the good points that made us smile!

If you are ever on the PA turnpike you should take a rest at the Gateway center because it is relaxing.

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