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Hershey Park Entrance

So we headed out of Philly with my GPS at hand around 11:30 or so... because you know... it should take a half hour to get there.  Well, we start driving and I nod off because I've been tired and we get to the point that we have to get off the exit to head towards hershey.  We get off and get into the town of Hershey and according to the GPS unit we should turn right onto some road.  My aunt says, no no no... the signs point this way... as she points straight.  Yeah... the signs pointed that way because they want to take you through the actual town of hershey where as my GPS took us the quickest way... so my aunt thought that it was wrong even though her way took an extra 15 minutes or so.

Me on the tour of Hershey

But anywho, we finally get there and go into the parking lot.  We get out and my aunt said that she has these coupons to get $8 off the tickets of Hershey Park.  I said Oh that will be good because then we won't have to pay the full $50 to $60 to enter.  She looked at me with a disguisted look and said $50... it's not that much.  She thought it was going to be like Kennywood in Pittsburgh and it would be $18 and she would be able to get in for 10 bucks; she doesn't ride rides so she just wanted to walk around.  We went into the main lobby of chocolate world and got the price lists for everything there, including the park...and I would like to apologize because it wasn't $50 to get in.

Nancy and I with the singing cows on the world of Hershey Tour
..it was $48... so we decided not to go into the park because I like rides, she doesn't, and it wasn't $18 for admission.  so we just went into the chocolate world and signed up for the tour of Hershey Town on a trolly... we had 3 hours to kill from that point.

While we waited for the tour we went on the ride that shows us how chocolate is made...which was narrated by some annoying singing cows.  But it was pretty cool because I didn't know that hershey's chocolate is made by multiple types of chocolate around the world because each type of chocolate has a different taste to it!  And the best part is the free pack of hershey's kissables at the end of the ride... or so I thought it was the best part.

The one thing about Hershey is you are surrounded by candy and they pass it out on the attractions.

Eating some Hershey Chocolate Ice Cream....chocolate is my favorite flavor!!!
..and while you're there you have to get some ice cream and buy some candy.  so even though it's passed out for free you get sick of it fast and get this sugar rush that makes you ending up feeling like crap!

But after the chocolate tour we got our ice cream sundays... which were huge with a lot of syrup 'n at.  But it was good... but I do think hershey's ice cream is over rated... I've had better ice cream...  mmmm... turkey hill party cake or ben and jerry's fish food.... yum yum! 

After the ice cream it was time for the tour of Hershey on the trolly.  We got on and I expected the tour to be a guy saying hey, you see that over there... that's the chocolate factory and what not.  But it wasn't.  The conductor and the driver were dressed up as old time people from the late 1800's.

Entrance to the World of Hershey
.. and there was a "conductor in training" who did a skit the whole way with the first conductor... if that makes sense.  But towards the beginning of the tour he ran off the trolly and left the original conductor by herself.  Then as we were sitting and looking at the house that Milton Hershey built for himself the conductor in training came back...but he wasn't himself anymore, he was now dressed as milton hershey and told us a story.  This happened at a couple of the spots of interest.  We got to see a war veteran, a man who worked at the chocolate factory, Milton Hershey's mother and father and a boy who went to hershey's school.  So it was pretty entertaining... it would be a great tour to take kids onto because of how interactive it is!  Also, you get a free hershey kiss and reese's peanut butter cup on this tour.
Aunt Nancy and I with the Kit Kat Bar!

Once we were done we went into the gift shops....and the gift shops are set up like the casino's in Vegas... they are built so you don't know how to get out of the building and you go past something else you want and buy it!  Which happened to me a couple of times... and of course everything is more expensive because it's there.  but I did get a nice mug for myself... a water bottle for a gift along with a cook book for myself and some Elvis peanut butter and banana limited edition reese's for gifts for people.  I didn't get one of the Elvis reese's for myself because it sort of scared me.  but when I  gave them out one of the recipients gave me part of the cup and it was actually really good...I was impressed!

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Hershey Park Entrance
Hershey Park Entrance
Me on the tour of Hershey
Me on the tour of Hershey
Nancy and I with the singing cows …
Nancy and I with the singing cows…
Eating some Hershey Chocolate Ice …
Eating some Hershey Chocolate Ice…
Entrance to the World of Hershey
Entrance to the World of Hershey
Aunt Nancy and I with the Kit Kat …
Aunt Nancy and I with the Kit Kat…
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