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We get into town and I told her the hotel would be in 2 blocks...she drove so slow it was a hazzard because she didn't want to miss the hotel...I told her if we missed it I'm sure there would be 2 a lot of hotels or we could go around the block.  But she said with the congested traffic she didn't want to have to go around the block...I didn't see the big deal. 

But anywho...we get to the Best Western on 22nd avenue and go check in.  See when I go somewhere I play everything by ear.  I will get somewhere, drop off my bags and immediately go out again.  but when you are traveling with a middle age woman it goes a lot differently.  She was asking the person at the front desk about directions to cheese steak places and other restaurants like Ruth's Chris (which I was like, uhh.

Fountain in Philadelphia
..we have that in Pittsburgh, so no) and the woman gave us a map of the city and showed us the street of Pat's steaks and didn't know where tony Luke's was.  So we go upstairs to drop off the bags and so my aunt could "freshen up".  We had an hour til our tickets with King Tut at the Franklin Institute and we spent that time in the hotel room as she curled her hair, did her make up and ironed her clothes.  I was bored out of my mind.  Finally she emerges...looking the same she did before she "freshened up" except for her clothes and we headed out.  I left my GPS there because the Franklin Institute is 2 blocks down the road and I figured we didn't need it if we were coming back to the hotel.
Frog in the fountian in philadelphia
  Well, we walk a block and she freaks out because she can't see the building...a cop sees her with her map freaking out and asks if we need help.  she told him where we were going and he says it's the building right behind the trees.  Well, my aunt didn't see the cop pointed was sort of embarassing, but I survived. 

So we get to the Franklin institute and get our tickets and go to our featured section...King Tut.  The exhibit was huge.  It was like 10 or more rooms of the history of the Egyptian empire and King Tut's family linneage.  It talked about his grandparents, his parents, and cousins and how his father almost crumbled the empire to pieces and at the age of 9 King tut brought it back up.  They showed the artifacts and what they represented and how it pertains to the beliefs of their culture.

At the Franklin Institute where the King Tut Exhibit was
  I did think that most of it would be about the history of the archeology about it.    But it was really cool and if you can make it I'd definitely recommend it...or go to London when it goes there October 1st!  After the museum we went to see an IMAX on the Secrets of the Mummies at the Franklin Institute which was pretty cool too!

After the museum we headed back to our was about 8:30PM at this point and I was famished!  So at the hotel I go to grab my GPS...I'm ready! aunt has to refreshen up...AUGH!  So I click around on the GPS...I found Tony Lukes and we went on our way down to her car...the restaurant was 4 miles away from the hotel.  The GPS told us to get back onto the parkway and go some way to an exit.  So we try to get on it but there were police baracades blocking us from it....Oh no, Aunt Nancy freaked out...what do we do now!!??  she wanted to know.  I told her to turn around...she freaked out because what is she going to do now...I told her to go and the unit will compensate and figure it's smart.  Well, little did I know that Tony Lukes was under a bridge because I looked down and instead of saying it was 14 minutes away it said the place was 2 hours away!  What!?!?!?!?  I told my aunt to pull over as soon as she could!  There were spots but she wasn't pulling over....huh...hey can you pull over I asked again.  I'm trying but there's no where to go...I ignored it and dialed the number my GPS had for the restaurant.  A person answered the phone...Uhhh...Hi...I'm near this building on this cross street how do I get to you?  they were like, we don't know our way around and gave me to a guy named Mike.  He told me how to get there...I need to keep going down that road (race street) and right before we can go and get on I-95 that's where we turn onto front street and we will run right into Oregon and turn left.  Sounds easy enough...yeah...we rolled right by it and my aunt freaked and stopped in the middle of the road.  I was like what are you doing...just keep going and bypass the interstate and we came to Columbus.  I told her to turn right and we'll call them back.  I called and asked for Mike again and he told me that I'd be there in a couple minutes and told me the new directions. 

So we finally got there and a 14 minute drive turned into and hour drive.  But we parked and walked up to the restaurant...which is all out doors.  I started to go up to the ordering window and she wanted to go sit down at the Tony Lukes indoor restaurant across the street.  I said OK, I agree with almost anything, and went across the street.  It looked sort of funny because there were no lights on.... yup, it was closed.  so we headed back across the street and I just get a philly cheese steak...don't know what kind of cheese I got (it was white), just took what they gave me.  It was really good...I was really impressed because I like a lot on my sandwiches...  My aunt got a a cheese steak too with wiz and some curly fries.  These sandwiches were huge.  But really good!  I highly recommend them!!!

We went to head out...and my aunt was hesitant about the GPS because of getting there and didn't quite understand that according to the GPS it only sees maps as single dimensional not multi dimensional.  But I typed in the hotel and it wanted us to get back on the expressway...this is the fastest way to get there...remember, 14 minutes.  But my aunt didn't like that option and asked why it couldn't go the most direct route.  Being the smart people we were she decided to just go down 22nd street to the hotel...but this too more than twice as long because of all the stops we had to do.  And one thing I noticed from being in Philly is that people double park and don't stop at stop signs...they pause!

Ok, now back to the hotel.  We get there and get ready for bed...this is seriously the earliest I've gone to bed in like 3 months (it's 11:30PM).  My aunt screams as she's getting her bed time stuff out of her bag...she saw a cock roach scurry across the floor and under the door!  I told her it's out and not to worry about it.  I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and she screams again!  Get out here, Get out here she kept saying.  There was a huge cock roach crawling on the wall.  I get the phone and call the front desk and she grabs MY SHOE and starts to wack it!  Well, it died and fell to the floor.  The receptionist could hear here screaming in the back as I told them we had one, maybe two cock roaches in the room and asked for a new room.  We got a new room upstairs.


Just to let you know...this should no way be seen as a bad was a good trip, just different than what I am used to when was a good learning experience!



Aditu says:
LOL, I got lost on Race St last year when I went to Philly for a concert. It must be the Bermuda triangles of streets, hahaha
Posted on: Aug 12, 2007
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