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We arrived about 2am! Wow, that was pretty early. The time difference between Taipei and Hong Kong was 1 hour, and 2 1/2 hours between Hong Kong and Delhi. Why do they have to have the 1/2 hour difference? Seems really silly to me.

At the arriving Immigration and Customs counters, it would be wise to choose a line not full of incoming migrant workers from other parts of Asia (try spying on what kind of passports people are carrying), because some of them seem to require more scrutiny and can take a lot longer. Needless to say, one person from our group chose the wrong line and had to wait forever. And some questions asked by the Immigration people seem a bit off, like asking one of us "Why do yo have a US passport? you are Chinese."

We collected our luggages and met our India tour guide who took us to the waiting van. The airport luggage area had some pretty cute posters about misconceptions people have about India, one of them said "Not all India natives are friendly!" (or did it say "not all are vegetarian"?) and showing a photo of a Bengal Tiger.

Our guide warned us that there would be people in the bathrooms trying to collect money from us for services such as providing toilet paper to us, we do not have to pay them. And that there would be people on the way to the car "trying to help us", it is best to pretend we don't understand English (which is the language spoken in India).

We loaded the van and were off to our next stop, Agra, which will take about 5 HOURS! Although it is only about 220 km away, the roads are not great highways we are used to, and the traffic can be unpredictable. So we should get some sleep in the car.

A couple of hours later, we stopped at a "rest stop". Now that is something different from what's in the US. It is more like a "palace", a very fancy and large place with restrooms and restaurants and souvenir store. Since it was still before sunrise when we got there, our driver honked the horns to alert the attendents and we were able to use the restrooms. Although the rest of the place were not open, we could see the architecture of the buildings with minarets and towers.

portia says:
HI, it was a special trip arranged by a friend of mine who has her own agency in Taiwan. I think they specialize in taking people from Taiwan to places. Their web site is all in Chinese.
Posted on: Feb 03, 2008
newtampo says:
Thanks for the tips, i'll remember it for my india trip :)
Posted on: Aug 21, 2007
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