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temple gifts

Well.... i do have a little luxuary.... one of my best friends settled with his family in krobokan/Bali.... so I have a splendid adres with home-pool fore staying on Bali. I have been several times on bali (also before my friend lived there as short break in my asia travels) and it is still one of my favorites although it changed a lot the last years (after the terrorist bombs, tourism fell down and some fantastic spots changed in ghost-spots (lovina, but also sanur...).

Note about the terrorist risk here.... For years everyone thought no one would dare to harm Bali because most property is from army generals from Jakarta.... but .... it happend.... and it happend twice! Although many people think it is not an ordinary terrorist act but it has political reasons (make a statement... and doing it with tourist victims or harm army general property is a worldwide statement...) for tourists the effect is the same.... they stay away.... Some countries have a negative travel advise on traveling on Bali. Well... it is a pity... because bali is one of those heavenly places on earth and you can consider "am I safe anywhere??" But for some places on bali it was desasterous.... (singaraja/lovina or sanur): ghosted places, empty terraces and poverty again.... It is also an opportunity... visiting the places again. People are glad you are coming again and a lot is done for good safety. Consider: big hotels have a lot of safety procedures now (controlling cars entering etc.) but.... you are a good victim in crowdy places.... so a small hotel could be safer.... Me.... I believe in destiny.... the chance is very small and if I am there at that moment... it was.... (also consider that Israel is maybe a lot more dangerous......). Yes... it can happen again... some say it will ..... but consider going anyhow... it IS a beautiful place on earth!

Bali has several faces (do not all indonesians have that? ;-) and depending on what you are looking for Bali can give you that face! Partying untill the mornin'? possible, meditating in a temple? possible, nature tracking, visiting cultural museums? possible... luxuous hotels or cheap spots... possible....  eating luxuous or just very simple..... possible .....

I name some things here and then in next "days' take you to some spots wich are interesting in my view...

If you are into.... go to (...):

* Beautiful beaches and good surfing, snorkeling and diving spots (Sanur/Kuta for beaching, northeast for diving)

* Beautiful temples (all over Bali: goa gajah, tanah lot, bedugul)

* Beautiful arts, museums and active artists! (many crafts, silver/wood/painting/etc) (Ubud)

* Beautiful interior artefacts and furniture (export) Kuta/krobokan (i will soon add some road-names)

* Beautiful party spots (Kuta)

* Good restaurants (Kuta/Sanur/Ubud and more native.... everywhere in little villages....) and one big good fish restaurant of 2 kilometres : Jimbaran!

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temple gifts
temple gifts
photo by: dm_nana