Turtle Racing and drinking fun.

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Turtle Racing at marina del rey
Thursday night we went to a place in the Marina Del Rey to check out turtle racing.  They have it every thursday night.  By paying $5.00 you can race a turtle.  The people running the racing only let girls take their turtle to the center of the circle.  Then they have to place the turtle within the circle walls without bending their knees.... just a way for all the guys to get a good look at the wormans ass.  Kinda funny but I didn't bother paying for a turtle.  One girl must come often because as she bent over she flipped her skirt up and had underware with words inappropriatly written on them, "I use teeth."  The crowd loved it. 
After 3 people have placed their turtle in the circle they lift the wall up and the first to reach the outside of the larger circle wins.
Turtle racing at Marina Del Rey, CA
   There is also a rule.... NO POINTING.  You can't even gesture towards any turtle or you pay $10 the first time, $20 the second time, and $50 the third time, if you don't pay you get kicked out.
So the first race goes and the middle aged woman, who was acting in her 20's, immediately jumps up and down and with closed fists calls the turtle towards herself.  The immediately came over and told her to pay up or leave.  She refused to pay since her fists were closed but a boy paid the $10 fine for her.  Now I've heard turtles are slow but these turtles knew what they had to do and were very quick.  We watched a few races which usually were stopped early because of fouls aka people pointing.
It was entertaining but not something I need to see more than once.

Friday night I went with my friend to a Social event at Sharky's for Boeing employees.  We went for Happy Hour which was fun since all drinks were 2 for 1.  We shared steak fajitas... delicious.  It was fun since quite a few other RPI graduates were hiered by Boeing so we got to hang out with them. 

Next we went a friends apartment to hang out and have a few beers.  It was great hanging out with people from college.  I was surprised by how many people I knew actually moved to LA. 
mellemel8 says:
i have not been there since 2001. glad you had fun :)
Posted on: Aug 14, 2007
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Turtle Racing at marina del rey
Turtle Racing at marina del rey
Turtle racing at Marina Del Rey, CA
Turtle racing at Marina Del Rey, CA
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photo by: zzgorch