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Funny, all these UK visits and I'd never felt I'd done Wales enough justice. Every time the idea came up, something either in England or Scotland trumped it. So this was the year I finally decided to go. I only scratched the tip of the iceberg, but there's a certain rustic and laidback beauty that I came to admire. It's not by any means for the jetsetter used to really busy itineraries, but a great way to slowly take in a country's love for their history, sport, language and culture.

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September 5th, 2015London, England
September 5th, 2015Cardiff, Wales
September 6th, 2015Caerphilly, Wales
September 6th, 2015Cardiff, Wales
September 7th, 2015Swansea, Wales
September 7th, 2015Rhossili, Wales
September 8th, 2015Tenby, Wales
September 8th, 2015Pembroke, Wales
September 9th, 2015Cardiff, Wales
September 9th, 2015London, England
September 10th, 2015London, England
September 11th, 2015London, England