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Broodje Kroket

Because my cake is in the oven and I'm very hungry. I want to tell you something about food in Holland.

If you are anywhere in Holland and you are hungry, go to the FRIETTENT / CAFETARIA / SNACKBAR (3 different names for the same thing).

What can you eat there?

Of course fries in Dutch FRIET (Belgium or French) with mayonais, ketchup or whatever you like.

I prefer Friet satesaus met mayo. It's delicous.

Friet speciaal is also nice. It's friet with curry sauce, onion and mayonais.

Fries with mayonais do we call FRIETJE MET.

Together with your fries, you order one or two snacks.

I prefer KAASSOUFLE (with cheese inside) and GROENTENKROKET (with vegetable inside).

You also can order a KROKET (with meat) or Frikadel (also meat).

A kroket taste better with some MOSTERD (a sauce). A frikadel do you eat with mayonais or SPECIAAL (onion, curry ans mayonais).

You also can eat these snacks at the FEBO. It's a wall with snacks.



If you like sausages, go to the HEMA and order a typical dutch ROOKWORST.



Order a cup of coffee. Dutch coffee is delicious! I prefer Douw Egberts Coffee.



To buy great Dutch food, don't go to a tourist shop! Go to the supermarket. The best one is ALBERT HEIJN. You can find this store in every city or village in Holland.

What to buy there?

DROP Typpical dutch candy Sweet or Salt (I prefer Salt)


CHEESE, The Dutch are fantastic cheesemakers

EIERKOEKEN, it's a real dutch cake. Our Diet specialist Sonje Bakker says it's healty to eat, so why not?


If you are in Holland in springtime, eat ASPERGES. You can buy them in the south (Brabant and Limburg). I prefer them boiled, with egg, pepper, butter and peterselie (a spice).

But if you like meat you can ask for ham. If you like fish, salmon is a good combination.

In Holland we eat a lot of seefood (I don't).

Try GEROOKTE PALING, LEKKERBEKJE, KIBBELING and if you like raw fish HARING. Good Luck ;-)


My cake is ready. Enjoy the Dutch food, Good appetite!

Giovanni1971 says:
I must correct you... our country is called The Netherlands, not Holland. That's just two provinces (North and South Holland). Eindhoven is in the province of North Brabant, by the way.
Posted on: May 06, 2017
brownh27 says:
Yum!! :o
Posted on: Sep 20, 2007
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Broodje Kroket
Broodje Kroket
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