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At the bus stop waiting for the reprieve of an air-conditioned bus to take me to my air-conditioned office on Beijing Xi Lu, I witnessed the result of such oppressive heat: an all-out brawl between a young man and a middle aged woman.  I know, it's shocking - what kind of a man hits a woman?!?

I was trying not to melt when I heard some semblance of people arguing.  I didn't think much of it since my impression of the Shanghainese is that they are combattive (or at least sound like it) much like the Koreans from the Kyeonogsang Province.  But all of a sudden it definitely was not just an argument.  I saw the man's face contort and his eye bulge at something the woman said, and there was a thick tension in the air.  And then out of nowhere the man lunged at the woman.  There were some people trying to pull them apart and prevent big damage.  I inched away from the crowd.  And then I saw the woman lunge back at the man.  Pretty soon, the crowd dispersed while the woman, now armed with a shovel doinked the man on the head and the man dropped his briefcase and chased her around part of the bus station.  It really, really was comical.  In the end, the woman suffered very little and the man had a bloody, black-eye to sport. 

It really goes to show you, don't mess with an angry Chinese woman.  Much later, the man inspected his injuries, got angry over it and jumped off the bus in order to  attack the woman again.  Not much really happened after that.  Where was the police in all this??

Junko says:
I wish I could watch it with you! Funnyyy!
Posted on: Aug 09, 2007
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photo by: spocklogic