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Where ever I go, if there's a museum, you will find me there.  Shanghai holds no exception.  There are a few of interest, the most notable are the Shanghai Museum and the Shanghai Science Museum.  The former is located on the People's Square while the latter is across the river on the Pu Dong side.  Above all though, and the one most amusing to me, is Madam Tussot's Wax Museum!  That's right, one opened up not too long ago this year.  I don't know if it was that it was during the week or that it is slow to catch on, but it was less than crowded when I visited.

OK, I have to admit, it's a bit creepy, especially the celebrities you're so used to seeing on television or in ads.  But when in my life-time am I ever going to shake Bill Clinton's hands?  Or give a big hug to Yao Ming?  Yep, you can walk right up to them and most people I reckon go there to pose stupidly with various wax figures, which is exactly what I did!  Some figures bear more resemblance to the real thing, and some others look like mannequins with dead raccoons on their heads.  All in all, an interesting place to visit, but for a price that is very steep considering cost of living in Shanghai (120 yuan).  You can flash your university ID and get a student discount (90 yuan).

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timeless favorite of the Chinese
timeless favorite of the Chinese
photo by: spocklogic