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Immediately upon arriving at the airport, I could smell and sense the pollution.  It was hard to breathe.  I had forgotten until that moment that I didn't do well in polluted environments.

The air is sticky and hot.  I think China is better when visited in the spring or fall.  The air is so oppressive and the heat is so unforgiving that it's almost dangerous to venture outdoors.  I stuck closely to air-conditioned museums.  Of all the museum, I think the Shanghai Museum offers visitors the most.  Also, Madame Tussot's Wax museum is interesting, if not slightly creepy.  Both are located near the People's Square.

I should have learned Chinese (At least some) prior to coming to Shanghai.  It's just that I never could find the time.  Trying to communicate in English is proving futile.  Most people do not understand nor speak it.  Their hand gestures for numbers are even different.  This would not be such a problem if not for taxis or even finding a decent restaurant.  I have to settle for chintzy looking restaurants with English menu while longingly staring across the street at the more hole-in-the-wall joint frequented by the locals.  We both know which serves better food.

Note to self: next trip to China should be in any time other than the summer months unless I desire to prematurely expire from heat stroke.  Also, learn to speak and read some Chinese.
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photo by: spocklogic