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on the drive to Rexburg

We flew out of Pittsburgh early this morning, the usual plan for our trips out West.  However, this time a few weeks before the trip, my mom had thrown a new twist at me: this year we were flying completely carry-on.  I remember thinking "Yeah, right, that's not going to work!"  Florida, all carry-on = no problem (shorts, swim suit, they don't take up much space).  Yellowstone would require jeans and other longer pants, long-sleeved shirts including at least one heavier top.  I have a feeling we were not the favored passengers boarding our flights that day with the full amount of allotted luggage but I will point out that we were within the limitations (technically, I think my mom's bag was even on the small side).

We had our layover in Vegas, an aiport I had visited earlier that summer on my way back from Mexico.

on the drive to Rexburg
  Of age this trip my sister wanted to play the slots just once but was disappointed to see that you had to go through a process to be able to play, not just pop some coins in.  No game time for her.

I don't remember much about the flights so I guess they went smoothly...

On the ground in SLC, I was left to guard the luggage while the other three family members went to pick up the rental car.  The line was moving slowly (I guess there was some convention in town), so Dad and Meg dropped out of the line (left Mom there) to use the check-in kiosk.  They got all the way to the end when it decided to stop processing their request.  The car we did finally get was a neutral color, kind of a shiny brown/grey.  It would serve us well.

at Frontier Pies, technically in Rexburg ID

Dad drove us out of the city with me navigating from the backseat when needed.  We have done this trip several times now, and SLC has always been fairly easy to get around at least from the airport to the outskirts (don't know what actual downtown would be like...)

We got out to the outskirts/suburbs before starting to look for somewhere to eat since it was definitely past lunchtime according to our bodies.  We settled on a Wendy's.

After Wendy's we got back on the road for the drive up to Rexburg.  This trip would be different than previous times though.  Back in Ohio I had started hinting that the kids could help with the driving this year; we were both over 25 now.  My dad had mostly ignored the suggestion.  Now though he let my sister shift into the driver's seat for part of the drive.  We would continue to share driving turns throughout the trip and I think it really heightened the experience for dad; not only could he see more but he was not as tired from doing all the driving.

We arrived in Rexburg around dinner time.  We were staying in a new hotel for us (the usual one was closed due to a bedbug infestation) but we still drove over to Frontier Pies for dinner and the dessert, yay pie!

After dinner Dad, Meg, and I went for a swim in the hotel's indoor pool.  Correction: we stuck our toes in the pool, decided it was way too cold, and camped out in the hot tub for twenty minutes.

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on the drive to Rexburg
on the drive to Rexburg
on the drive to Rexburg
on the drive to Rexburg
at Frontier Pies, technically in R…
at Frontier Pies, technically in …