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caving, me and Kata are in the front
It was almost a culture shock crossing  into Belize.  They all speak English! The homes are more western, though very caribbean,  creole. Colourful and it is so relaxed. You hear the Garifundi accent and the creole language and you know it is english but you can´t really understand a word if they dont want you to. The people, especially in San Ignacio are lovely and went completely ot of there way for us.

I am travelling with Katharina from Germany and first stop is San Ignacio for a caving trip. This was an amazing trip.  This time we have head torches and helmets - very swish! We hiked for 45mins through the jungle in and then swam through a waterhole into a cave. We squeeze through narrow tunnels, sometimes swim though our fat short guide swims a lot more than the rest of us, climb over rocks and slosh through water. The stalagtites and the rock formation are beautiful and glitter but we are here for the mayan ruins. I have no idea how this cave was found back then or again now but we crawl through a little tunnel and then have to be very careful where we walk. The ground is littered with broken pots, skulls and bones (many from young children - 6 under 3 years old!!!). The limestone has clacified it to the cave ground. Every other ruin i have done, any pots, bones or sculptures found are removed to museams and some are replaced with fibreglass replicas. So the ruins are just basically bricks and mortar. But here there is no bricks and mortar just the little details. It was really cool and a bit scary being in the dark underground with the remnants from the ceremonies of the past. In the back corner of a cave, up a ladder and down a tunnel there is a full skeleton from a girl about 18-23years old. Just left lying there and in perfect condition. So strange to see and suddenly all the stories we´d heard of sacrifice seemed starkly and soberingly real.

Katharina and I went to a national park and went about 200m into a cave with our crappy little guatemalan torches before scaring ourselves in the dark and needing to leave. We climbed up to the lookout when the heavens opened up without warning. 3kms later we were drenched and finally back at our bags.

I can´t wait til i am away from the wet mountains and the caves - i am almost water caved out! So next stop is Dangriga for some Garifuna culture. It´s a bit of a shithole and i dont recommend it. I must admit we detoured from the backpacker plan. Though we stayed in a cheap guesthouse we walked to the edge of town and relaxed at the expensive resort, eating the cheapest thing on the menu whilst lying in the hammock in the cabana over the water.

then the epic boat ride to honduras. we were in a 30 foot mexican skip and braved the open water of the gulf (yes normally very flat water but through the trench near honduras not so flat...) with a swell of about 3m. the boat struggled up the waves and slammed down and all the boards, screws and windows shook slightly looser.... I was OK but one lady freaked out and one of the guys working there spent the next 2 hours hugging her tightly and holding her down to the seat to keep her calm.

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caving, me and Kata are in the fro…
caving, me and Kata are in the fr…