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Well, all we can say is that AirAsia have continued their tradition of making sure that they do NOT stick to their timetable - our delay today was 4 hours, so not quite as bad as our last flight!  Once again, they gave us a lunch voucher, so after arriving at the airport at about 9am we finally left at 3pm.  We became very familiar with the airport, and tried coffee in various cafes - have to say the frappuccino in Starbucks was very nice, but the free internet facilities at KFC were most useful!  Luckily the flight was only half full, so had no trouble taking the wooden carving we bought in Kuching on as hand luggage.  We have read in other blogs and websites that AirAsia won't let you take any hand luggage, restrict you to 15kgs checked luggage and give you no information about flights departures etc..  We have found that the information provided at the airports is very good - there are lots of departures boards and they do make regular announcements in English, although the quality is not great and you have to listen closely.  They have also given us meal vouchers for the delayed flights and were happy to let us take on the wood carving, as long as it wasn't sharp.  They do enforce the 15kg checked baggage per person, and will charge for overweight, so you have to keep an eye on this.  Their planes are pretty good, quite new and clean, you just can't rely on them for timetabling - if you have to make a connection, use one of the major airlines but if you are on holiday and have the time, their fares can't be beaten.

Anyway, we finally got to KK at about 4.30pm so went straight to our lodge and checked in then went for a bit of a wander around the streets.  Next door to our lodge there's a big seafood restaurant complex, and most nights there's a cultural show for free.  We were kidnapped by a tout (not quite, but they're pretty aggressive) and shown to a table where we stayed for the next couple of hours drinking cheap beer, eating expensive food and watching the free cultural show - not a bad night, really.  We then walked across the road to the night market, but it was mostly just everyday junk with a bit of "local handicraft" junk thrown in.  Tourist tat here seems to be quite a bit more expensive than in Kuching, so don't think we'll be buying much.

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