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7:00 am wake up cll for another amazing adventure.  Manuelo picked the  team up  at 7:30  and took us on a drive through the rain forest.  Our destination was the 'Gamboa Resort: At the Panama Canal'. Our mission was to get into a little suspended car thing and travel through the rain forest.  We all accepted this mission.  While traveling, we spotted a sloth, a red tailed squirrel, a flock of parrots, and we heard a howler monkey!  This was a really cool experience.  I have always enjoyed the rain forest.  We got to go into a butterfly house.  What beautiful butterflys!!  Bright blue, orange, red, black... so many colors!  Lindsay and Kaleb set butterflys free, that were only an hour and a half old.  They and Amanda held giant caterpillars.  I have never seen any so big, it was crazy.  We also saw butterflys that were only a half an hour old.  Their wings were still wet and they were hanging off of their cocoons.  When the butterfly comes out it is really small.  In half anf hour it grows to its full size.  Butterflys do not have a long life span.  The blue butterflys only live for about a month.  We looked at snakes...  I saw a BUSHMASTER (super deadly).  We returned to the hotel and packed up all of our junk.  We had half an hour until check out.  We took the hotel shuttle to the airport.  We got to the airport at 2:30 and our flight was not until 6:10.  Ha ha.  We could not check in until 3:30.  When my luggage was going through the scanner, a woman said something to me in Spanish.  I thought she asked me if my luggae was a carry one.  I said yes.  This was a bad decision on my part, as she opened up my bag and started going throgh my entire suitcase.  The next time someone asks me a question in another language, I will respond with the shrugging of my shoulders and an "I don't know" in that language.  This seems to be the most reasonable solution to an unknowing situation. He he.~~~ The plane has landed, my drive back to APU seemed long.  My mom was there waiting for me.  It is 3:30 am and I am home!  Farewell Brasil!!~~~
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Panama City
photo by: Biedjee