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WHAT AN ADVENTURE!! AHHH!! We all got up and headed for the post office, us girls anyway. We had seen where it was but, could not exactly remember. The boys were going to leave a half hour after us, so we were on our own. We asked a guy outside of the church how to get to the post office ( in Portuguese of course) and he described it very well to us... looking back on it now. However, at the time we thught we knew what he said, and thus our adventure began. We walked down the church street, turned right, crossed to the other side, crossed a mini bridge, and walked down this really long road... This is where we ran into another man and asked him about the post office. He said it was really far away, then he pointed to our feet and asked if we were going by foot. We answered yes and he laughed at us. He said that we would get there at night. It was quite funny. Even though he said this we walked on... we reached a big bridge (overpass) and decided to come back. By the time we got back, we had been walking for about 45 minutes. This is when we ran into the boys and they were returning from... THE POST OFFICE!! Turns out we went the wrong way. It was truly 10 to 15 minutes away. Ha ha. Good exercise was had and a memory was formed. It was all worth it. We desperately wanted to hop on a horse drawn cart that passed by, but we figured that would not be a good idea, just in case the man took us to the post office (agencia de correio) in his bedroom and as Lindsay said, "Showed us his package." Ha ha Tonight we had youth group! What a grand time. The night was started with the sharing of a bible verse and then moved into prayer. After prayer, games started. They were moved to Pastor Carlos' house for a safer envionment, instead of the street corner infront of the church. Carrie, lindsay, and I were the ring leaders. We first taught the group how to play 'gigalo'. It is similar to a game they they play in Brasil. They had a lot of fun playing 'gigalo'. Pastor Rodrigo stopped during the process and turned to us saying, "this is so funny, because here in Brasil, gigalo means some sort of pimp." We responded, "In the states too". After that game, the youth group taught us the CHAP CHAP: Eu fui pra Nova York, visitar a minha vo Minha vo me ensinou, A dancar o chap chap Danca do chap chap, danca do chap chap Danca do chap chap, chap chap aue It translates like this: Every year my mom takes me to new york to visit my grandma and she teaches me how to do the chap chap (chep chep), the chap chap, the chap chap. Someone starts out walking and stops infront of a person and does a dance. The other person must copy the dance and then they become the next leader. The process is continued and a line is formed. Everyone ends up doing the dance of the next person. We tried teaching chitty chitty bang bang, but we could not get the dance moves all the way through the circle. So, we moved to the mathematics game. A simple game really and one that I have elementray kids do. It is where a number is called out and you have to get into groups of that number. If you do not make it into a group, you are out. This night was a lot of fun. The youth group boys walked us back to the church.
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