Farewell My Dear Brasil... DYANE, and Aquamarine.

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The morning of our departure. A beautiful sunrise!
Gee Willikers... I did not go to bed last night. Our wake up call was at 4:30 am, so I just stayed up. Rodrigo was supposed to be at the church by 5am, but he got there at 5:30. We said goodby to our rooms, the cad room, the computer room, our keys, oh yes... and the KITCHEN!! The sleep I got in the car is the only sleep I have had all day. We flew out of Brasil around 1:30 (Brasil time), which is weird because we have been in the air for a few hours and just a bit ago it ws 1:45 Panama time. So, I have lived the same time twice in one day! One of the guy flight attendants was on our flight from Panama to Brasil. I had mentioned how funny it would be if we had the same flight attendants. There is also one named Antonio an he is muito lagao!! ha ha.
Driving to the aiport.
Holler!! Last night after all of our Brasilian peeps left us, we hung out for a bit. This is when we found an amazing envelope... addressed strictly for Kaleb. I stole it from Carrie and help it up to the light, to get a sneak peek. I saw Prince and Beautiful. I flipped it over and saw the face of Dyane. I had no choice bu to shout out my findings. This sent all five o us girls into hysterical laughter. When Kaleb actually opened the letter... what a treasure lay inside!! a 6x8 photo of Dyane, in some funky, old- fashioned outfit. One hte back this was written (in mor detailed words): I love you, 100 kisses, you live in my heart. Now, when we left we were given a big envelope filled with little letters from the youth... we could not open it until we were on the plane.
we did as instructed and inside for Kaleb, was yet another letter from Dyane. This too was written on a photo... just kiddig, it was written on paper, but was accompanied with a photo. It read (a poem if you will): I love your eyes, I love your hair, I love your legs, I love your chin, I love your nose, I love your nails... and much much more. Also saying, 100 kisses, where theyr is love there is hope. This must have been the highlight of the plane trip. We saw the lamest movie "Aquamarine". It was about these girls who found a mermaid. Filled with corney lines like, "you can reach me on my shell". All were dumbfounded, yet thouroughly entertained. Can you say HUMID??!!! Because it certainly is here in Panama. As soon as we walked outside, I felt as if we were in a sauna. Inta- sticky, sick. We went swimming after hours, we did not know the schedule.
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The morning of our departure.  A b…
The morning of our departure. A …
Driving to the aiport.
Driving to the aiport.
Ribeirao Preto
photo by: tiffharg