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Pastor Rodrigo, wife Auristella, daughter Beatriz, and son Vitor

Last night as we were trying to fall asleep, through our tiny oblong window, we could hear several sirens.  They sounded as if they were on the street just outside.  I think it was a warning for the drug dealers.  Even with this noise, I fell asleep really quickly.  Today we woke up at noon which is 8am U.S. time.  BRASIL is active!  We get to get acquainted today.  This will be nice.

We played with the PEPE children today.  They are all super cute, fun, and energetic.  It was nice to be around them.  Rodrigo's mother and father- in- law made us lunch... really super spaghetti.  This was accompanied with salad and rolls.  After eating, we played with the kids a bit more.  Then Rodrigo, his wife, and Pastor Carlos and his friends took us for a walk in the near by favela (slum) and the main street of Ribeirao Preto.

The Ribeirao Shopping Mall Fountain. Holler!
  We went to the super market... basically just walked around.  When we got back, dinner had already been prepared for us.  It was this mashed potato dish with shredded chicken and carrots on top.  It was really good... filled with garlic and butter!  At 7:30 Rodrigo took us to the mall.  He really wanted us to see what Brasil was like.  I am glad we did this.  I felt less overwhelmed.


ate amenha- see you later

fezes- shit [ sometimes people say this when taking pictures as a joke, instead of quejo (cheese).]

foy mao- awkward


We went to Rebeirao Shopping mall.  Almost every shop was closed... or make that all of them besides the toy store and some food places, including the super market.

Carly as Dr. Phil!
  We walked around with Rodrigo and his entire family (his kids are so cute: Beatriz (9) and Vitor(7).)  They are really into the movie Grase, so, they have been singing all of the songs.  Of course we joined in with them.  All of the stores were closed because no one wants to come out due to the cop/ drug lord brawl.  I guess the people of Brasil are really scared because of this event.  I guess I would be too, if both groups of huge power were warring outside my door... even though they technically are right now.

We saw so many soccer jerseys out and the german flag/ brasilian flag out... the world cup in soon.  They will be playing a few days after we leave.  When we decided to leave the mall, we played a game of tag and did cartwheels.  We were pretty crazy and to be perfectly honest, I am surprised Rodrigo took us home! He he.  When we were running down the escalator, security guards yelled at us and made us walk.  When we got back to the church we played the longest game of Egyptian Rat Skrew!!


It was a great first day in Brasil!

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Pastor Rodrigo, wife Auristella, d…
Pastor Rodrigo, wife Auristella, …
The Ribeirao Shopping Mall Fountai…
The Ribeirao Shopping Mall Founta…
Carly as Dr. Phil!
Carly as Dr. Phil!
Ribeirao Preto
photo by: tiffharg