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A seven am wake up call. The clothing drive and breakfast started at 9, so all needed to be ready. Today was the first time I washed my hair, shaved, and had a good wash. The team set up all of the clothing on church benches. Our job was to fold them after each group of 5 left. The clothing drive was only for those who live in the favela. Each ticket holder had five minutes to choose five items. I believe this was the first time I actually felt a strong sadness for these people. I kept seeing the kids get excited over a shirt or dress and then their moms telling them no. Their joy was taken away so quickly. The mothers needed new hirts so badly and were desperately seeking some. This drive was great to have, it just evoked an emotion from me that I was not expecting. Hair cuts were also given. This whole event was a great ministry tool. ~~~ At 2:30 some of the youth came with us to the favela. We played frisbee with some of the kids. After more kids showed up we sang songs and played games. We played red light green light. Carrie, Carly, and I were the lights and we learned how to say them in Portuguese. I was the yellow light, cinu armarilho (?). The kids seemed to get a kick out of this! BALOON ANIMALS!!! What a hit! I am so glad Josh decided to bring them. They were all the rage!! After working with the kids on the field in the favela (wich was owned by the drug dealers... we had to get consent from them in order to use it), Carrie, Kaleb, and I went to play soccer with some other neighborhood kids, while the rest of the team cleaned up the church. Soccer gave me the run around! I tripped a guy on the other team and got hit in the face by the ball... ouch! Aliton, a PEPE kid came by with his family. I had the opportunity to speak with his mom and aunt. I couldn't understand much, nor speak much, but we did understand each other on a few things. Like when one woman asked me if Kaleb and Carrie were dating. I told her no, that there were seven of us and we were all friends. ha ha! ~~~ At 7:00pm we met up with some of the youth group kids outside of the church. We were going for some ice cream, unfortunately not to Geraldo's. At first the youth group sat to themselves... but we opened it up for all to join in. After the ice cream we went to a near by park. The guys played a crazy game of tag for 2 hours! Lindsay and I climed a tree! We had good conversation with some of the youth group guys. Of course it was centered around the English/ Portuguese dictionary. When we said goodbye to the youth group at 11pm, as a team we practiced our skit. We will be performing it tomorrow at the night church service. ~~~
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