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I got up at 8 am this morning for a shower, but as I stood there I realized how cold it was and decided to go back to bed. We were downstairs by nine for the morning service. A few of us sat in the front row with the kids. In the service we gave prayer requests and we sang songs. We even sang a song in Portuguese that I know in English! That was neat. After the service we played games again. The kids chose the games if their choices were gigalo, chep chep, and ride my horsey. Andreas took Carrie and I to her house. I do not really know why, but while there I got her parrot to mimick my whistle. Pretty tight! We then had lunch with the church members and the youth group at Pastor Carlos' house. There was extremely tasty carne and mmm mmm mmm more beans and rice!! We played 'Picole', this is similar to down by the banks... but it has to do with ice cream. We also played wink 'em. I hadn't played that since jr. high. Pastor Carlos' dog was chasing her tail, but was also growling at it and biting it. I have never seen a dog get this crazy over their own tail! We practiced our skit after lunch for Rodrigo. He really liked it.~~~ At church we were placed in awkward situations at least three times. The first time was when we went up to sing a song in English, with the English class... oh yeah we did not get to practice this at all ( song we taught them). Awkward situation #2- We were called up to the stage again and had to introduce ourselves, #3- we had to stand up in the middle of the congregation while Rodrigo filmed us and projected the images onto a big screen... and his father- in- law Doagi talked about us in Portuguese!! I guess all in al it was not that bad, just way different than anything I have experienced at a church. At the end of the service we performed our skit. We chose to do the Ragman. This is where three people have ailments: blind, lame, ill. Jesus the ragman takes those from them and in turn becomes blind, lame, ill. Ending with him dying on the cross and rising again. I just really hope the message was clear. At the end of the service the kids wanted to play ride my horsey and gigalo ... again! I am glad they like the games so much, but they are just so tiring. After games, the youth and our team moved to the kitchen where we had hot chocolate and cookies. We had a great time. It just goes to show that we are making fantastic friends!!! !!! ~~~ new word: avisar = warning, you are supposed to jump back when saying this.~~~
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