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May 13:  We all got to the school at 6:30 pm.  To my surprise, everyone was on time!  I felt a little awkawrd with all of the parents there, but all was well once they said their final goodbyes.  Since I was the only team leader present, I had to hand out all of the important info.  After this was done, we walked to Subway for dinner.   We were trying to remain calm.  By the time we were finished eating, we had a few minutes to just hang out.  Then it was time for good old LAX airport.  Our flight was to take off at 1:15 am, but we did not start going until after 2 am... due to some babies being overheated or something like that.  The flight to Panama turned out to be six hours instead of seven.  Overall, it went by super quickly.  When we landed, it was as if we landed in the rain forest... green grass all around and giant trees.  This airport was seriously in the middle of nowhere.  When we walked off of the plane into the terminal, it was insta- sweat because of the humidity.  We walked two gates down, sat for about fifteen minutes and then boarded our plane bound for our lovely Brasil!!  This flight... although shorter that expected, was super LONG!  I could not wait for it to land.  It did not help that I had to pee extremely badly during the whole experience.  I think we walked the length of the entire airport, just to get to customs.  Here we waited in line for a bit, but all was grand.  We grabbed our bags and then exchanged our money.  After this we met our dear Pastor Rodrigo Iglesias.  He is such a  great guy, super warm/ welcoming and funny.  He made us feel comfortable right off the bat. It was nice to have that. On the way to the church we made a few stops.  One was a little eatery/ gas station that had super cool phones outside... of course we got pictures with them!  They gave you a cool card at this place.  They scan everything onto the card and you do not pay for anything until you are finished eating and are actually leaving the building.  Our second stop was just like the first, except it had a CASTLE bathroom!  How rad is that?  It was huge and we danced in it!! Ha ha.  The drive to the church was thought to be five hours and it was actually four and seemed like six!  We were all trying to take in the sights, but they will be so different in daylight  We played games in the car (volkswagen van) and learned a lot about Brasil and our pastor.  We had great conversation. When  we made it to our street, the pastor pointed out a man standing on the side of the road.  This guy was standing perfectly still and was holding a cigarette in his right hand, to the side of his body.  Rodrigo told us he was a guard for the drug lord.  He calls the drug lord if there are police or anything suspicious.  As we parked infront of the church, there were two drug guards on mortorbikes, about a few feet away.  We are staying in an apartment above the church and Rodrigo gave us the Keys to the entire place! CRAZY!!  Oh, I guess this is the first time in Brasil's history where drug lords and the police are fighting.  Starting on friday and currently going on is a little feud.  The drug lord's have killed 62 police men in two days.  Of course this starts when we arrive!!  Ha ha, such is life and we will still continue our work with the neighborhood kids.
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