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So I figure with this being a trave website that I should eventually confess my fear of flying. Its totally irrational and silly, and it won't stop me from flying and going on trips but I get a bit freaked out.

Actually its not the flying part that scares me its the falling from gret heights and dying part. Apparently one of those great memores I have blocked out is that when I was a kid I was in a mall elevator and was going up. It didn't quite get to the top when it fell down. A few feet or so. It bounced a few times before it slowly came back down to the bottom where we promptly got the hell off of it.
I have no memory of that happening. i didn't know it happened until my older brother told me. He said I refused to go on elevators after that for years. i would go to the escalator, I would find stairs, I would leave you and find another way but I would not go on elevators. That  part I remember. I remember refusing to go on elevators so I guess the rest must be true.

I was fine for years but the fears have grown. I used to not care but now heights have me freaked out.  I walked across the rimo f the grand canyon and didn't bat an eye. Now I get off the sidewalk and I'm scared.

Anyone have any idea how to combat this? I am super excited for my trip to come up but then I am super apprenhensive about the plane ride. I'm usually ok during the plane ride its the taking off and landing and really anytime I stop to think that I'm flying thousands of feet in the air. sigh!
CrazyLisa says:
Thank you thank you for your thoughts. I've never done any medication for it though maybe someday that might become a possibility as it gets worse and worse the older I get. I know in reality nothing will happen.
Posted on: Dec 03, 2007
Ferreira says:
I would separate the fear from high places (or vertigo) and the fear on airplanes, as far as I know the first is connected to vision issues (I wouldn't call it a problem). the second has more to do with your Anxiety, precisely for what you think of it (even if you're not thinking on it at a particular moment but you're already have it unconscious)...
yet I'm not a doctor but I think that at least the second case can be easily overcome with some medicine!
for some bad cases they almost literally put a person asleep for the journey LOL
hope could help :-)
Posted on: Dec 03, 2007
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