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I get on the train in Bridgewater at 5:40pm.  I'm sitting, waiting for the conductor to come around and when he does, I discover something hurtful.  The round trip ticket into New York Penn Station that used to be $13.75 is now $18.75.  That's like, 35% more!  I'm sure I could actually figure out exactly how much more it is, but you understand.  Anyway, that's a big difference!  Maybe I should just learn to drive in.  But that's supposed to be the convenience of trains. 

So I get into Penn Station at 7:00. It can not be any easier to get to Madison Square Garden.  The last time I was there by myself, tho, was a UConn game in November of 2004, I think.  Maybe 2003.  It's been a while.  But you just go up the escalator, turn left or right, and then walk into the Garden.  Picking up my ticket at will call was also easy because I swiped my credit card at a ticketmaster machine and there it came.  I walked all the way up to my section, which was the highest: 406. My row, G, happened to be the last, too.  I didn't get a nosebleed, but I did spill my coke on myself.  I also ordered a knish to eat, mmmm.  Get those, if you are not familiar with what I speak of.  It's filled with potato.  If you're allergic to potato, then eat it anyway cuz it is worth the hospital visit.

The opening band was COLD WAR KIDS.  Check them out.  When Viviana and I drove to Vegas a few months ago, she put one of their cd's on.  I recognized the songs because I really enjoyed them.  Muse went on at about 9:08pm.  They opened with Knights of Cydonia.  Wowee, what an opener!  They did several songs from their newest cd first.  Muse is so entertaining.  The lead singer, Matthew, does very well on both the guitar and the piano, and he is a talented singer too.  Get a load of that falsetto. He's just awesome at music, which may be where they got their name.  Dominic and Chris rocked as well.  They played Starlight and Supermassive Black Hole, which are 2 of my favorite songs.  I was sad it ended, especially because that meant I wouldn't be able to look at Matthew's red suit anymore.

I caught the 11:42 train back to Bridgewater.  It was very easy to get seats, thank God.  I switched trains in Newark at about midnight and got to my car at the Bridgewater station at around 12:50.  Then back home to reflect and write!  So, in summary, train to New York Penn Station now charges $5 for buying your ticket on the train.  The Garden is right above Penn Station.  Cold War Kids and Muse are both wonderful band and you should give them a listen when you have a chance.  I can't wait for the next Muse concert.  Maybe September 21 in Irvine?  Or perhaps October 27/28 in Las Vegas. 
kace929 says:
MUSE is amazing!
Posted on: Aug 07, 2007
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