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so i know thats its been a while, and even though im in amsterdam now i will tell you about brussels


we arrived in brussels with no place to stay and no knowledge of the town at all.  we checked our bags at the train station, made a reservation at a hostel, and took a metro to the center of town just in time to see a small beer parade go by with horses and carriages and passing out a free can of beer!  so thats was pretty exciting.  but then we decided to walk to this one area only to find a whole beer festival!!  once a year there is a beer weekend where they put clothes on mannekin pis (a small statue of a naked boy pissing into a fountain)  and in the center of the main square there are booths of tons of different brewing companies from belgium.  you buy tokens (bottle caps)  and use them to get beers from the booths.  its was really quite amazing.  the beer was so good and all the different types of beers cam in different shaped fun glasses. there was one shaped like an hour glass with a wooden stand.  we made friends with some young belgian boys who were super nice and helpful.  really quite helpful when one of them took us back to the train station to get our backpacks when we were too drunk to make our way back.  we definitely wouldnt have made it back to the station.  so, i dont remember this too well, but we made it back to the hostel by  taxi and i passed out at about 8pm.  i woke up and i didnt know where i was.  i thought i was alseep at a train station.  it was 1 am then an di was wide awake.  so i woke megan up and we went downstairs and ate because we were starving.  it was a great day.

the next day we walked around and did really touristy things.  we got belgian waffles that they sell everywhere! and they are amazing. you seriously dont know.  the taste is unimaginable!  and we got lots of chocolate smaples from all the chocolate stores.  and molly and i ate some mussels.  and then we wanted to change hostels because ours was far away from the city center and we walked over a mile wiht our back packs on!  im so buff.  i have a shadow when i flex my calf!!! thats a first.  and then that night we went to this hookah bar place that was just too hip.  but  it was nice because you can just hang out and theres so rush and we got to sit on the floor with these comfy pillow things.  and we tried to communicate to the people next to us which didnt work out too well. 

the next morning we went to the train station to catch a train to amsterdam.  we are very lucky because the train was somehow cancled and we didnt know what was going on becuase we dont speak french or dutch and we asked around and then we asked a conductor dude who told us to get on this train that was coming right then and then get off at the next stop and so we did and then the traint o amsterdam just happen to be right next to the train we got off and someone was yelling amsterdam!  so we were so lucky because maybe it doesnt sound so but it was very hectic because we needed to get to amsterdam to get on another train to go to bloemendaal where danielle was picking us up.  so we were so relived when we got on the train but then the train didnt move for so long.  it eneded up running 40 minutes late and when we arrived at amsterdam station we had to run like maniacs to get to the farthest away possible platform and just made it on the traint o bloemendaal.  danielle was there with her bike and we walked back to her house, which took about 10 mins.

daniells neighbourhood is so cute and quaint and beautiful. i  love it.  there are so many trees.  and her house is so adorable. i love it here. her world is so cute and like a faerie tale.  from her balcony is a huge field with sheepys and cows.   danielle is taking great care of us.  we have been having great meals and its so cozy here. 

the weather is amsterdam is crazy.  it was raining and then sunny and then raining and then sunny every half hour.  but the clouds are amazing.  its quite cold though!  today we went in to amsterdam with danielle and her friend jessica and we were lucky becuase it was raining but then when we got there it stayed pretty much clear the whole time.  no rain!  but iwas pretty cold.  but we were lucky, im just a cold sissy.  we had a great time in the city just wondering around.  we went on a boat ride through the canals which was sweet

tomorrow we are saying goodbye to lovely danielle and going back to amsterdam and satying at a hostel for one night.  we will do all the more touristy things tomorrow. 

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photo by: Vlindeke