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so im just hanging out right now.  we all drank a bit too much last night and molly doesnt feel very well so she is napping before we go to la padrera.  but i feel great! i think its because im still drunk!  anywayyy

thsis hostel is great.  the common room is really big and its upstairs so we have the arc windows with break walls and there is good music playing always.  i just ate the best dulce de leche gelatto.  i want more!  i havent been eating enough food.  i havent been this skinny since highschool.  but we are so busy!  and the vegetarian optians are pretty un nutritious.  but weve been getting these falafel pitas  yum!  stuffed with lots of veggies!

last night there was a room party with about 15 french people and us girls.  its very funny. 

tomorrow we leave for san sebastian.  and we are meeting the austrians there.  it will be fun.  also in when we go to france we are meeting people we met here in barcelona so it will be nice having a fench person to help us get around and talk to people.  ive been practicing my french but im so bad!  i just through out the different french phrases i know randomly.  its crazy all the languages weve been using.  italian, french, spanish and english.  ive been speaking a jumble of 4.  im so worldly! hahah. 

so i think  ill go now.  im just bored waiting for the nappers. 

Beansy says:
Are you getting really, really skinny Ms Pae? I'm gonna have to fly over there (wherever) with a bucket load of food! How about some Thomas Chicken and a couple of Chimi Changas (spelling!) from Don Qucos (spelling??!) Actually, I probably couldn't handle the Don Qucos bit, but I can certainly deliver a dollop or two of Thomas Chicken! I love you. Please eat! Then eat a little more. Love ya / GB
Posted on: Aug 30, 2007
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