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hello everyone tuning in to my lovely life here in europe. 

it 8:17 int he morning here and we are about to set off for our first day. 

we arrived here at the hostel last night at about 9pm.  we were supposed to get here much earlier but our plan was an hour late, then we waited for our baggage and kesley's never showed so we had to go to the baggage service and they said they found it and will deliver it to us today.  so thats good.  but it took forever.  then we had to take a quick train ride to the main train station. then we had to the the metro, and actually made the last one of the night, but going the opposite way we wanted to go.  realized that and got off then realized there were no more metros going (thats the subway system). we got above ground and we were in a really seedy area  so we asked around and found this bus that go the same route as the metro but a lot slower.  they dont call out the stops on the bus so we didnt know when to get off.  but we had the whole bus helping us out, seemed no one was a local but we pulled our knowlege and got off at the right stop.  then walked to the hostel a few blocks a way.   megan had been waiting for 4 hours for us.  we were beat and starving so we walked to get some pizza.  yum!   the owner of the pizza place was very funny and nice.  just what you would expect from an italian pizza place owner.  he talked our ears off although i dot know most of what he saaid.  it was fun. 

our hostel if very clean and we are in a room with 8 girls total.  we just woke up and ate some free breakfats and now we are going to the collesuem, pantheon, and such. 


love you guys!


victoriableeden says:
Gald you made it safely! Take lots of pics! Love you!
Posted on: Aug 15, 2007
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its been a very long day.  i just woke up from a very much needed nap.  its 6:40 pm. 

The day started out at 8:30 am, we left the hostel and took a bus to the colosseum.  the line wasnt too long since it was pretty early.  the coloseum is so huge.  you couldnt picture it without seeing it really.  we got to walk around inside and took lots of pictures.  after that we walked to ancient roman ruins and saw the arc of costintine.  then walked through the Piazza Del Campidoglio, where the giannt statue of marcus aurelas (i have no idea how to spell that) on a horse is.  After, we walked up the steps of the VIttoriano.  Then we walked to the Pantheon which is super impressive.  there was a mass being held there.  in the middle of the huge dome there is a circular opening, so when it rains the rain comes into the building.  it would be amazing to be in it when it is raining.  its beautiful inside.  its not raining though, its bloody hot and humid and i got very very tan today, if not sunburned because i for sure sweat all of my sun screen off.  very very sweaty. 

 anyway, then we walked to the Trevi Fountain, which is the most incredible fountain i have ever seen.  you should look up a picture.  i cant post pictures because i have no way of doing it.  then we walked to the spanish steps, which are just a lot of steps really.  in front there is small fountain which has a platform so you can walk to where the water pours out and get drinking water.  there are fountains everywhere that you can just fill your water bottle of just drink directly from, and they are constantly flowing.  (wasting water?..)  but its nice to get free drinking water.  i drank so much water but didnt pee all day because i sweat out all of it.

for lunch i got a caprese sandwich and gelatto!!! yum.  we stopped at an open market an i bought a really pretty ring.   then we walked across the river (Fiume Tevere) to the Castle Sant' Angelo which is ginormous.  there are tons of stairs and rooms and corridoes and such.  the rooms had these beautiful frescos all over and very ornate ceailings.  in some rooms they had art exhibits (unrelated to the castle) but i thought it was a cool use of space.  we kept walking up and up and to the top which is pretty  much the highest spot in rome and we had a view of the whole city.  very nice. 

after that we were very tired from walking. i think we walked about 6 miles.  so we went back to the hostel and have been resting.  we got back at 4 pm. 

today and tomorrow the vatican is closed because its a holiday, "the assumption of the virgin," i believe.  we are going to saint peters and the sistine chapel on friday before we leave for florence. 

im learning some italian and i think we are doing really well. we have been communicating very well.  and kelsey was our leader today and she lead us on a perfect route and we didnt get lost at all.  she took a class of visual europe recently so she was very knowleddable. 

there are so many trinkets for sale here that are very touristy but very me.  i need to buy some but the girls keep pulling me away.  no need to worry though! i will get some. 

tonight we are doing this thing called the pub crawl.  its a lead group that goes from pub to pub.  we meet at the spanish steps, pay 20euros, get dinner, as many free drinks as you want from 9-10 then every pub after we get one drink per pub.  should be fun, everyone does it i guess. oh and you get a free shirt.


love you guys! we are going to the museums tomorrow and im sooooo excited!  i need to go take a shower now, i stink.

photo by: vulindlela