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so i wrote a very long entry yesterday but when i clicked plublish the internet stopped working and it disappeared.  it was upsetting, but im back and ready to retry, but a much short version.

i waited for megan and kelsey at the center of st peter's sqaure while molly waited in the 2 hour line to get in the vatican.  i sat there waiting for 2hours before deciding to give up and go with molly to the vatican.  i was def not going to take the chance of missing it.  so we saw the some of the vatican museums and the sistine chapel.  the sistine chapel is just insane.  i cant even explain.  afterwards we went back to the hostel and thank god! kelseys bag was there with a note from them saying they had gone to the vatican.  which is exactly what we had been hoping for.  i took them 6 hours to get her bag back but they did it.   they got back to the hostel at about 4:45 and then we had a popsicle then took the metro to the train station.  the train station was pretty hectic but we boarded the train at 7pm.  we sat in a compartment with an older italian man named luigi and a 17 year old boy named Leonardo.  he was the most adorable thing ever.  he was really funny and sweet, and spoke english really well.  he helped us a  lot with our italian.  he knew the older man through family and they would get in these funny arguments in italian and his voice would get high and it was hilarious.  we had a great time.  megan said shed visit him in 5 years.

we got into florence at about 9:30pm.  thankfully people were really helpful so we found our hostel.  we went and got dinner.  we all shared pesto penne, speghetti pomodoro, caprese salad, bean soup and spinach and it was the best meal we had so far.  our hostel is really awesome.  we get free internet and free breakfast of eggs or oatmeal or french toast.   there is a courtyard and a garden with stone benches and flowers and even grapes!  the walls are filled with replicas of famolus paintings. 

we walked though some popular piazzas and ate gelato.  we have been eating a lot of gelato.   there are outdoor markets everywhere and its so hard for me not to buy things.  its a good thing i just dont have any room!  there is a leather school here so there are tons of leather sandals for really good prices and bags and stuff.  there is also tons of jewelery and masks, scarves, and clothes.  the opera di santa maria del fiore is the most amazing building ive ever seen.   also called the Duomo.  we got to go up to the top of the dome which is the highest place in florence and you could see the whole city and for miles- mountains, castels. it was beautiful.  to get to the top we had to climb 463 stairs!   do you realize how many that is????  i dont even know if you do.  sorry ry, but my butt is getting smaller every day!  my leggs were trembling the rest of the day.  in the evening we went to dinner in this piazza with all these famous statues and i giant founatin, i cant remembe the name of it right now.  we shared a tomato gnocchi, a cheese gnocchi, and a pizza and a salad.  it was so good, i had been craving gnocchi for days!  then we went to the bar were there was awful 90s kareoke and we shared a pitcher of beer.  i pretty much wante dot leave the entire time but the girls were talking to some cute boys so i stuck it out.  earlier at the outdoor market i had bought a fake diamond ring to i can tell guysim engaged. hahah.  its so funny. 

we wokeup and went to the Uffizi and waited 3 and a half hours!!!!!  but it was worth it.  afterwards i took a nap and now we are going to go see the statue of David at the academia.  im excited!  we leave tomorrow morning for Cinque Terre.

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photo by: spocklogic