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we got into germany yesterday at 9 pm.  we didnt really do anything thatr night.   me molly and megan have our own room room is super nice because we can be messy and leave our stuff everywhere and not lock things up before we go to sleep.  yay!   today we went on this awesome free bike tour of berlin.  it started at 11am and was 4 hours long and we biked all around berlin and stopped every nbow and then to hear a history of berlin.  it was great.  we got to hear all this history of the city.  it wasnt from the american view so it was very interesting to hear it from a german point of view.  so often we hear bias points of view in the states and its hard to really understand the circumstances.  anyas it really got me thinking about the history here and how berlin is really at the forefront of 20th century history.  no where else cna you really see and undstand so much modern hisotry.  its insane to think about what went on here so recently and how i couldnt even be doing the things i have been doing here 20 years ago!  its really had an effect on my whole view of the city.  we went to the haulocaust memorial and it was really powerful.  i think we will go to the jewish museum tomorrow or the next day.  the bike tour was really awesome.  ive never been so interested in hostry in my life! and it was also sweet to ride a bike!   i was a little afraid at first since i suck at riding bikes but the city is very flat and i only ran into a couple people mostly megan and molly. 

afterwards we went to this cafe with comfy couches and we all had soup.  i had a huge bowl of tomato soup which was sooooo goood.  everyone knew it was the best soup but since im sick i got to keep it all to my self!  hahahahahhah!       waaaaaa.  

this evening we hung out with the autrains who are staying at our hostel.  we just hung out in the garden drinking and being  merry.  but its alomost 2 in the morning now.  (which is when clubs just start opening here) so the austrians and megan went out to some clubs but molly and i decided to stay in and get some rest in our own comfy room.  im glad we made the decision.  im ready to get a good nights sleep.  tomorrow i think we are going to the zoo.  and you know i love zoos.

alexaragon says:
I love you. do the animals speak German?
i want to hear all about the meseum tomorrow.
please take care of yourself and get better.
love mum
Posted on: Sep 09, 2007
sylviandavid says:
Hello: perfect stranger here giving you advise.... I too have lost my blogs ... if you hit save entry it will be there for you... David and I enjoyed your adventures... read them all start to finish! Travel happy and Travel safe! sylvia
Posted on: Sep 07, 2007
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