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so when in nice we didnt know how we would get to barcelona.  we woke about at 10am and realized that in our schedule book it said the only train that leaves for barcelona had already left.  we only had booked one night in nice and they were full for the next night.  we asked inofrmation if there were any others and they said that there was one at 5am.  so we decided to jsut party until then and then take the train (which takes about 12 hours)  we werent happy about it but we didnt want to pay for another night to sleep somewhere.  but when we went to go book it the guy was really nice and thought we were crazy and was like why dont you take the night train??  we were so glad he told us about it because we werent evebn gonig to ask since we had asked information already.  so that solved everything and we were so relieved since that was our plan to begin with anyway.  so we relaxed on the beach which was the most brilliant blue i have ever seen.  we were lucky again as when we first got there it was cloudy and cold.  but in about 20 mins the clouds parted and the sun shown jsut for us!  it got hot and we swam in the ocean.  i was really fun.  i still cant believe hte color of the water.  and theere were huuuuge cruise ships in the distance and it was very pictureaque.  we fell asleep and the beach was getting extremely crowded.  topless women and all.  after we walked thourgh the center of town and had a beer.  it was a great day.  our train left at 9pm.  i slept most of the way.  we had to transfer trains at 6 in the morning and then we arrived in barcelona t about 10am.  and it was pouring rain!  we walked to our hostel and then ate some breakfast.  then checked in.  now weve been just resting because sleeping on the night train wasnt the easiest thing.  and then now everything is closed for siesta.   but its cleared up totally now which  im really glad about.  we are gonig to party tonight because we are in Barcelona!


alexaragon says:
hi babe, sounds sooo beautiful!
Barcelona is your kind of place. Aahhh a siesta! i love the way everything closes down for a few hours in the afternoon, i think the whole world should be that way!
love you, mum
Posted on: Aug 24, 2007
francinebleeden says:
What an exciting time of your life. Thanks so much for sharing it. L'chaim - To Life
Enjoy - I Love You. I'm home - "Yeh"
Posted on: Aug 23, 2007
dbleeden says:
you guys should go to Ibiza !!!!!
Posted on: Aug 22, 2007
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