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Mama, where'd you go?

So we get the 6:30 am wake up call, trudge bleary eyed to the front desk to pay our room balance and catch the shuttle to the airport.  I realized on the way that I had left my pillow in the hotel room.  Darn.  We get breakfast, pass security and sit down to wait for boarding time.  Plane ride was uneventful.  I got stuck on an exit row with some guy in front of me that reclined all the way and then bounced his seat up and down alot!  The plane arrived early (by 45 minutes) and we had to wait a long time to retrieve our bags from the luggage claim area.  Kate's mom picked us up, drove us to their house and I got my car and headed to Baton Rouge. On the way home, almost home, I got a flat tire.  It just gets better and better!  I called Ashley's little brother to come change it and dropped it off at a repair place that later informed me that it was ruined and I had to buy a new tire that they would have to order.  Can it get any worse? 

Well at least I got to see my dog and she was pretty excited to see me! 

So the last 24 hours of the trip sucked, but overall, it was a GREAT time and I plan on using my free flight to go somewhere really expensive and I'll probably book it last minute.  Just figuring out more ways to screw THE MAN over. -rachel

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Mama, whered you go?
Mama, where'd you go?
I dont like that suitcase...
I don't like that suitcase...
Can I go with you next time?
Can I go with you next time?
District of Colombia
photo by: Kate_Rach