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I was supposed to be up again at 6.15 so I coul dhave  shower before going back to the airport but slept in and only just leapt out of bed in time for teh arrival of my taxi.  At the airport it was a completely different experience from ARgentina.  As soon as I walked in the door someone asked me where I was going and pointed me towards the right check'in desk.  Unlike NZ, you have to have tickets to go even up to the check'in desks and people will always ask to see your flight tickets as proof that you are allowed to be there.

After check in I had heaps of time up my sleeve (check in before national flights is 2 hours) so had a leisurely breakfast in a cafe at the airport before wandering through to the gate for my flight to Cusco.  Lo and behold, I met up )again) with the australian couple from Buenos Aires - they were also going to Cusco.

The flight was a positively pleasant experience which left on time, had friendly attendants and good food.  Arrival at Cusco was not too bad - a lovely Tucan man was there!  I had been wondering if my whole schedule was going to be messed up and nothign Ihad paid for was going to happen, but the very nice man took my bag (and didn{t demand a tip) and drove me to my hotel.  While I was being checked in they took my bag ot my room and sat me down with a cup of cocoa leaf tea to help with the altitude.  I had been very worrieda bout that given Wendy{s experience with sickness but apart from being a bit out of breath and slightly dizzy was ok.  I ended up sleeping for five hours after arriving as i was still very very tired but when I woke up surfed some TV and listened to horoscopes in spanish (no more riveting than english).

I went to Jack{s for dinner Wendy and it was great - didn{t meet anyone that spoke english but managed to order a caesar salad with chicken and some fries and it was a HUGE meal - I couldn{t finish it.

Interestingly, as you walk along the streets people come up to you and try to sell you things (at outrageous prices) but the worst are the children.  They are obviously well trained to hone in on foreigners and if you say "no gracias" they put on these piteous faces and start to whine.  The older people are much more polite and will leave you alone if you say no.  I got suckered by some quiet-spoken old lady who sold me a handwoven colourful belt for 8 soles (which is just more than $4 NZD I think) which I didn{t even want but didn{t know how to say no!  didn{t last long though

I stumbled back to the hotel at about 9.30pm and went to bed.

becky_bear says:
Glad to hear that you hear surviving okay. I think it is absolutely amazing what you are doing. Keep us updated when you can and do your best to ignore the sad faces. Rebecca.
Posted on: Sep 11, 2007
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