Day Six - Grouse Mountain then homeward bound

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One of the two bears that live on Grouse Mountain. Don't you just want to pet him and snuggle with him?!

So we checked out of the motel and headed to Grouse Mountain first thing this morning.  We rode the skyride straight up for 8 minutes (the skyride is a little car on a cable).  It was a beautiful ride up with unbelievable scenery especially so the further up we got.  As we passed by the two towers it made the car rock back and forth a little- kind of a weird feeling.  On the way back down the skyride took off much faster and rocked a little more, mom did much better on it than I anticipated.  Anyway, once we got to the top of Grouse Mountain we did a little souvenir shopping at the gift store and walked around a bit.  It was incredible up there.  They had two grizly bears in an electric fenced off area that we watched for a little bit.  With the fence in between us I actually was able to stand about 3 or 4 feet away from one of them.

View from the top.
  For being a big scary animal they sure look cute and snuggly.  At this point we were just so worn out and irritable we decided to head home before we hurt each other.  The drive seemed very long and I was terribly tired of driving as I pretty much did all of the driving on the trip.  Of course we got to Seattle a little before five and were stuck in traffic for atleast a couple of hours.  We did stop a little north of Olympia to get some dinner where mom had “the best pizza she had ever had in her whole life”.  I think that was the highlight of the trip for her!  We arrived back in Vancouver at almost 10:00PM and were pleasantly greeted with what other than rain, and a pretty big lightning show.  Exited to be home!  I missed all my boys far more than I thought I would.  Overall I had a great time despite the disagreements and frustration. 


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One of the two bears that live on …
One of the two bears that live on…
View from the top.
View from the top.
One view from the top of Grouse Mo…
One view from the top of Grouse M…
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