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Today is the beginning of my new adventure and I am VERY excited. 

NOTE:  This site doesn't have spell check that I know of so just get over any mistakes I make OK?  =)

I got in pretty last last night since I flew from FT Laud to NY then since the flight was full in NY I took a plane to Boston and flew out here from there.  Flying standby is always an adventure in and of itself but I'm thankful for the benefits so no complaints.  Well at least not from me, but maybe from my friend Jeff (aka Brasel/mama) who came and picked me up and also Bret who waited up for me since I am renting a place at his house. LOL. 

I got my work laptop and phone set up as soon as I got in as I had a conf call at 10am EST today.  Good thing my body clock was still on EST and I woke up.  =)   Work day was great and I had no issues with setting up shop here.  I was a bit worried about that but that's just me.  It all worked out.

Jeff took the day off and came over to pick me up for a late lunch.  We went to some place in Del Mar (I think) called Ted's Montana Grill or something.  All I know is I had a Bison burger.  For those who aren't familar that's Buffalo.  WELCOME TO THE WILD WEST !! 

I got everything unpacked here in my new "home" for the month.  It's a pretty nice setup where I have the entire basement complete with seperate bedroom (good pillows), living area with TV, etc and an office.  It works out great for what I need.  There are two dogs, Buckley (Golden Retreiver) and Cooper (American Eskimo) that keep me company also. 

Tonight I went to dinner with Jeff, Bret and Aron at Elephant Bar.  We had a nice dinner and it was nice to get to know Bret a bit more.  Oddly enough we are very similar in a few ways.  Poor Aron LOL.  Afterwards we went back to Arons house (amazing) and played games in his basement.  He has air hockey, ping-pong, darts and a pool table.  Bret and I teamed up and won at everything except pool where we (Bret actually but I'm not pointing fingers) scratched on the 8 ball.  Since we had decided that we would do "sudden death" and whoever won pool won technically Jeff and Aron won but Bret and I know who the real winners are.  =)

I sure do feel like a winner and my prize is being on this adventure.  I'm looking forward to it and hope you find this blog as a way of being on it with me.  MORE TO COME !!

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photo by: crystalware