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The flight over to London was pretty smooth, however it was not without some complications. To begin with, we had a 7 hour layover in Chicago. I'm actually glad we had some time in Chicago because the O'Hare airport is massive and a little confusing. We arrived at the United terminal and had to find the international terminal . In order to get to our gate, we had to find and use a train to a seperate building of the airport and we had to go through security all over again. The line up for security was soooooo long because the US is so tight on letting traveller's through. Anyways, we made our connecting flight and had another stop in Manchester. We arrived in Manchester shortly after our flight to London began boarding. We were running through the Manchester airport to make our connection and my glasses lost a screw and the lens popped out. I could only see out of one eye and we had to clear customs and go through security yet again. Luckily, security was a little bit more relaxed and we were able to just make our connecting flight to London. I was annoyed the whole time because I still couldn't see anything and wanted my luggage so I could grab some contacts.

When we arrived in London, as fate would have it, our luggage didn't arrive with us. We had to go and make a baggage claim and they told us our luggage was still in Manchester and it should be in London by around 6pm. We decided to leave the Airport and take the tube to our hotel. Transportation in London is actually quite well setup. The tube can get you everywhere.  Like mom informed me, at every stop, you're reminded to "mind the gap". When we got to our stop, Nicola had to guide me to the hotel because of my inability to see. The hotel was typical of a European hotel. It's clean and nice but nothing special. The walls are thin but it's definately nicer than any place I stayed in Thailand. When we finally got to our room, we took a nap because our day of travelling had already exceeded 24 hours.

When we awoke, Nicola guided me around London until we found an optician who replaced the screw in my glasses and got me seeing again (for free). We wandered around London for a little bit. Now that I could see properly, London was quite nice. Highlights include: double decker buses, silly looking cabs, the historical architecture of buildings, etc. Also, the food in supermarkets looks much tastier than in Edmonton. Here, the fruit, cheese and meats all look so delicious. After wandering around, we went back to the hotel (we were both extremely tired). Our luggage ended up arriving around midnight.


I awoke at 4:30am and couldn't get back to sleep (getting adjusted to the time zone will be difficult). Today we visited the Tower of London and went to the British Parliament and Westminister Abbey. The Tower of London was very interesting. We had an animated tour guide (beefeater) who described the executions, prisons, and towers with great enthusiasm. It was neat to hear and see some of England's history. By the end of the tour, Nicola and I were practically zombies (still so tired) but we went to the Parliament buildings. Big Ben is actually much more spectacular than I expected. I never imagined it too be so big. The parliament buildings were very intricate and detailed. There were officers with machine guns surrounding its entrance so we were not allowed in. Nicola got her picture taken with one of the officers. They look funny here because they all wear police helmets.

Westminister Abbey was beautiful. When we were inside the building, I imagined what it would have been like during the coronation of royalty and/or the death or marriage of princess diana. It was a beautiful building that needs to be seen in person to receive adequete justice.

Today (August 8) , we are going to Harrod's and will possibly check out Madame Toussaud's wax museum. From here, we're going to go and start the day with a traditional english breakfast. I wish we had breakfast in Canada like they do in England. Tonight, we will meet our tour group for the first time. Tomorrow morning we will leave for Amsterdam.

I will try my best to be better at keeping a travel blog. Send me an email anytime at or if need be, I have a British number while I'm here. It's 07961647226. I believe the country code is 44 (and you start with 011) I think...anyways, email works much better.


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photo by: ulysses