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Well, we went across the bay to the tip of Nicoya, a surfer beach called Mal Pais, which is tough to get too, but we are here.  Things are totally different, there is a laid back attitude with the presence of the drugs on the fringe, but unlike Jaco, there is nothing in your face that you don't want.  I'm writing this from the town's only internet cafe, have no cell coverage, and have bought my snacks at the towns only grocery store.  It's really great.  The waves are big and scary, and so far we have only chanced boogyboarding, as garrett, the only one of us who has been on a surfboard, sprained his ankle and didn't want to overdo it.  We are going out, however, in about two hours, and are looking forward to being battered around by the huge surf and unforgiving currents.  Out yesterday we noticed how we were constantly drawn south, toward the rocks, which necessatated our getting out every fifteen minutes and walking down the beach.  I got a lot of sun, even through the clouds, and we spent our evening in the 50 dollar villa (garrett insisted, but im glad) drinking nicaraguan rum and coke, and watching surf videos in the bar connected with the restaurant.  There is really nothing to do but surf here, which is rather nice, and because it's low season we are confined to a few meager restaurants and no bars outside of our hotel's, with the other two guests there and the owner, his son, and the pit bull that hangs around. 

We are woken at night by the eerie sound of howler monkeys, and catch glimpses of the jungle everywhere, with giant lizards, moths the size of sparrows, and millipedes crawling through our bathroom.  But that's just the start of it, as we are off the Monteverde tomorrow to experience the real costa rican jungle.  Sorry about such a short entry, but the surf is, as they say, up...

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Mal Pais
photo by: loscar727