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It's been a while since I've done an update, and while my note taking skills have been getting steadily better (as has my spanish...don't think i'm actually good or anything, i just know 7 words now) it's hard to find time to post on the blog as most of the hotels do not have internet access.  I'm actually not in Leon, but am trying to catch up a bit here, as I'm well, two days straight travel away from Leon, in another country, on an island in the atlantic.  Cough.
Granada grew on me, but when I got to Leon it was like something awoke inside of me and I remembered why I love to travel.  Now, you might notice that I have my up and down opinions on travel and are wondering what the deal is, or perhaps if I have developed bi-polar or something, but the fact of the matter is that solo travel is full of those ups and downs, and it is sort of what makes it exciting.  Now, I arrived in Leon after going through the captial, Managua, and spend a few hours wandering up and down the colonial streets, which are narrower and more believable than they were in Granada.  I got a little bit lost looking for my hotel, because althought the streets are numbered with Ave. 1, 2, 3, and so on, and Call (street) 1, 2, 3, and so on, they have north 1st street which is nowhere near northeast 1st street, and well, you get the picture.
To give you an idea of the economic situation of the country, I found a hotel run by and for locals which wanted 50 cordobas for a private room with bath--that's about $2.75usd.   I opted for a hostel with fun people and a bit more, well, hygene, for $10, the bigfoot hostel in Leon.  Wow, what a great place. The showers were cold and there were 3 orphan tortisees running around the court yard, but it was full of fun and happy travelers, I met Steve and Steve from the UK and LA, and I kept hoping they were a couple, but based on their interest in the other travelers I would say that they wern't. 

I spent my only full day in Leon doing what makes me the happiest while traveling, and that's just wandering around.  I found the market, and ducked in, the stench of raw, 30c. chicken filled my head and I decided that my curosity would win out, held my breath and plunged in.  Now, here is the thing about stuff.  We are all, in North America and Europe, really concerned about hygene, and that's not the worst thing in the world, but here I was, with slabbs of beef hanging from hooks on tile counters and chicken legs feebly chilled on crushed (probably dirty) ice.  But Nicas were happily buying the chicken and roasting the chicken, and then eating the chicken, but as chicken (and all other meats) in Central america are cooked to death, literally when refering to the parasites, I hope, everything seems to be fine.  I know I've eaten my share of chicken....

I also saw turtle eggs for sale.  Now, this is a big thing in the guide books and most of you are probably recoiling with horror.  What's next?  Bengal Tiger Tikka?  Condor egg Omlets?  Well, I know, and I wouldn't eat them either, but I do think that there is something fundementally wrong blaming people for eating eggs that they have eaten for hundreds of years without disrupting the population, when it is the people doing the blaming who are responsible for the lack of turtles.  There was a south park episode where the 'getting gay with kids' singing group went down to south america to educate the locals about burning down the rainforest when it was american consumerism which caused the demand to exist in the first place....

Anyhow, I traveled for an awful day and made it to Tegus in Honduras, and then overnight until I made it here, the bay islands, the trip, and the happenings will appear in a soon to be published entry. 
I can't get text messages here, everyone, so email me if you need me.
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photo by: Chokk